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Concealing Groups


The group that I would be comfortable facilitating is the psychoeducational group. The psychoeducational group refers to a group composed of members who are well functioning but have information deficit in some specific areas. The aim of psychoeducational session or process is to develop cognitive, affective and behavioral skills through a process that is well-structured and this is done through meetings. The process mainly reduces the deficit of knowledge and psychological problems (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, 2005).

The group that I would not be comfortable to work with is brief groups. Brief group refers to a group of therapy session which are set on a short-term basis. This type of therapy is characterized by sessions that are specific and it is more professional led compared to the psychoeducational group. Additionally, this approach of therapy is focused in identifying a specific problem in a persona and providing a solution (Sklarge, 2005). On a scale of 100%, I am 70% comfortable in handling psychoeducational group while  on the same scale I am 50% in handling brief groups.

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Personal strategies that I will overcome personal discomfort facilitating psychotherapy group

Active Listening

Active listening is the main tool that I will use to ensure that I avoid discomfort with the group. Active listening will make me understand the group and when they feel that they are understood they will comfortable with me hence not affecting my comfort. To ensure that I get the right information from the client I will use clarification and reflection to ensure that I understand the patients. Active listening will also enable the group of patients to be connected with me as their facilitator thus enabling them to be free in sharing their views hence enhancing my comfort since discomfort is stimulated by fear between the facilitator and the patients. Additionally, I will allow each patient to express themselves and let them bond with each other thus making the environment conducive hence eliminating any form of discomfort (Singh, Merchant, Skudrzyk, & Ingene, 2012). 

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Self-awareness makes it possible for me as the facilitator to offer concealing session using my own life experience without interfering with the concealing session that is in the process. Also, self-awareness makes it possible to use my compassionate nature to connect with the patients in a positive way thus enhancing their self-awareness as well as the concealing process success. Through self-awareness I will be able to understand my beliefs attitudes as and corevalues andnot allowingthem to conflict with the patients view during the concealing period (Singh, Merchant, Skudrzyk, & Ingene, 2012). Self-awareness will also help me to understand the various ways to disconnect with the patients since the way disconnection is done during a concealing session generally affect the outcome of the concealing session since there is a connection that is established during the concealing period.

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Among the various group of concealing the one that I will be most comfortable with is the psychoeducational group (70% comfortable on a scale of a 100%), while the group that I would be more uncomfortable with is the brief group (50% comfortable on a scale of 100%). This is because the sessions in the brief groups are somehow based on judgment because it involves identifying the problem and trying to fix the problem directly. To overcome discomfort that is likely to result in the concealing session, I will employ active listening strategy and self-awareness strategy. The combination of these two strategies will enhance my communication with the patience thus avoiding discomfort; additionally, this will make me understand the clients while avoiding conflicts resulting from different values and beliefs.

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