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Upbringing Principles

Upbringing played a significant role in my childhood as I was the only girl in the family. My parents had quite strict, but just rules and principles, which I needed to follow constantly. However, they managed to turn me into a real personality with particular moral and spiritual values that led me to a right way to live. Thus, my parents became my life’s teachers, who contributed to my general outlook and views even if they limited my will in some issues. As for me, I would allow my children to do the things which I could not do when I was a child.

My parents were well-educated people, who directly followed an obvious set of various rules that had a positive impact on my imagination as a child. Since my childhood I learnt that I had to respect those who were older than me. Telling the truth, it was one of the most considerable issues I learned from my parents, and it became an integral part of my childish nature. There was no reason to resist some rules, because it was my obligation to accomplish everything I was told to. Undoubtedly, my parents were kind and took care of me, and they wanted me to treat others in a similar way.

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Obedience was an important issue in my upbringing, and I tried to keep it in my mind. In some cases, it was difficult to obey my parents, but I knew that they were the main in the family. Additionally, my father’s words resembled a law, which was impossible to break even at times. It was enough for me to see his look to understand immediately that something was wrong in my behavior. He also never made me any remark as it was my mother’s duty to explain all the necessary things I had to know as a small girl. My mother was a very strong and patient woman, who never lost her temper due to her calm character and an incredible ability to solve any conflict. Her favorite words were: “Patience is the last key that opens doors” (Goodreads n.p.). Moreover, she had vital conversations with me and tried to explain the meaning of life, the importance of human values through the respect to parents and senior people. Therefore, I merely engraved these points in my heart.

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Today I cannot judge my parents and the way they brought me up as I do not have any right to do it. Nevertheless, I know exactly that in contrast to my father and mother, I will allow my children more things. For example, it will not matter for me whether my little daughter would like to play with boys or girls. I suppose that girls must establish a communication with boys from the early age, and it will be easier for them to adapt to different social norms. The point is that my parents were against this idea as I preferred to play just with boys. Thus, I will let my children make personal decisions since childhood.

I also think that every child must have more freedom being able to follow his/her personal choice. In the future, I will allow my children to express their opinions as it is vital to take into account every childish view. This strategy will help me understand my children better, and I will get a possibility to correct them if they are wrong. Of course, I will also teach them that it is necessary to respect senior people as they are leaders of life who know everything. Now I realize my mother’s conversations, and I will also talk to my children in order to explain them the most vital issues that make our life complete.

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In conclusion, my parents made everything they could to make me a good person. Perhaps, their principles based on a total obedience were right as I was taught how to behave in society among other people. As for my own rules, I am not going to change the upbringing of my children dramatically, but just a bit to give them more opportunities to become independent.

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