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Life in Denver

I was born and grew up in Denver, Colorado. It is particular and attractive area. There are some things that people who were born and grew up in Colorado naturally know. The major lesson I’ve got while living in Denver is that I must take umbrella, coat and sunblock with me when I go out. Admittedly, one learns how to survive in different conditions if one was born in Denver. On one hand, Denver is a place with unstable and changeable weather. There are few weather forecasts for one city during one day. On the other hand, it is compulsory to understand that one can wake up in summer weather and go to bed in winter weather. It means that the weather changes every few hours, so people must be ready for everything when they live in Denver.

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I easily perceive and adapt to rapid changes. To grow up in Denver, Colorado means to adapt to quick and cardinal weather change. It mainly depends on the fact that there are High Plants on the West and Rocky Mountains on the East in Denver, Colorado. The location of Denver might be named the Front Range Urban Corridor. Anyway, the city is highly populated and has its own particular charm.

In addition, growing up in Denver, Colorado taught me to live under stressful conditions, to enjoy life despite of everything that might happen next moment and to be joyful no matter what. Due to my origin I can survive in any natural conditions and disasters that might happen to me. It is worth noting that Denver’s climate hardened my body, so I’ve got good health as well. Variable Colorado weather makes one understand that April showers bring May flowers. Forget logic, this is Colorado State.

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My growing up in Denver, Colorado included also emotional hardening. I am emotionally stable and stress-resistant person. It is very hard to surprise or impress me. It mainly depends on constant waiting for eruption, rock falls or wildfires. Sarcastically, the best point of it is that any time of year people in Denver have something to wait for. It means, in spring and in autumn citizens are expecting showers and rock falls. In winter, they wait for snowfalls. The summer brings an exciting expectation of the moment when the entire state erupts with wildfire. All these events made me think differently. I know that nature is like a living being with its own character and mood. It is greatly changeable. It might be tender and it might be strict. Nobody knows how nature will treat us the other moment. I learn the only thing that life is short, exciting and colorful, so we have to taste it every moment.

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The location of the city and its changeable weather has influenced me both positively and negatively. It depends on the fact that stressful living conditions make people exhausted. The temper tantrums turned out to be a common thing. Unstable natural conditions created the feeling of impending doom. Sometimes this stuff might lead to depression. Anyway, people all over the world know that what does not kills us, make us stronger!

Growing up under stressful conditions made me understand that life is a surprise. Once, my father accidentally leaved our car window cracked. The weather rapidly changed and in few hours of shopping we found out our car full of snow. This situation would disappoint somebody, but not us. We lived in Denver. All that my father said at that moment was ‘Welcome to Colorado’. My friends say that I have good sense of humor. I think it majorly depends on my Colorado origin.

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The freakish weather in Denver is the major particular feature that made me be myself. Each moment of my life I am ready to face some changes. I am able to adapt to majority of challenges a person might face. In the hard periods of my life I think how to find a way out. I do not bother myself with the stuff like: ‘why does it happen to me?’, ‘oh my gosh’, or ‘what should I do’ etc. I’m organized, concentrated and efficient person. I’m well trained as well. My motto is to be always in perfect shape. I know how important good shape might be, so I devote great place for sport in my life. I consider it depends on the place where I’ve grown up.

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I genuinely despise people who discriminate other people. The stuff I brightly remember from my childhood is my neighbors. I must mention that Denver is the city founded in 1858 while Gold Rush. There were people from all parts of the country and far away from its borders. It goes without saying that Denver, Colorado is multinational city. The racial composition of Denver includes Latinos, Hispanic, non-Hispanic whites, African Americans, Native Americans and Native Hawaiian. People from other Pacific Islands live there as well. It is obvious that each nationality has its own customs and traditions. While leaving in Denver I’ve understood that there is no difference if the person is African American or Latino. The national development of people must be appreciated, respected and provided by law.

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I easily communicate with people from different countries. Denver is the place of mixture of cultures. It is nice to understand that this city excluded racial humiliation and racism at all. It is unusual for me to be a witness of racial discrimination. I feel terrible about that. I know that people are equal in their rights. It is provided by national constitution. The color of skin, particular traditions or mentality does not make difference between people. The main difference is in their heads and hearts. I insist, if a person does not appreciate the other peoples’ culture, this person is not worth of being called a human. In Denver, I learned that the culture is the treasure of humanity.

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