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Self-persuasive Presentation

I am seeking employment for the environmental specialist manager position. I am totally convinced that I am fit for the job. I will provide a detailed overview of my skills and expertise in order to prove that I am the best candidate for the proposed position.

Educational Background

I hold a master’s degree in environmental science, which makes me meet the main educational requirement for the job. According to my degree, I am skilled as an expert on issues related to environmental management and sustainability in the modern times of sensitive environmental conditions. This also means I have the required management and technical skills to occupy such a position in a project. Furthermore, I am pursuing a PhD in environmental project management, which will improve my skills related to the effective management of programs and projects related to environmental issues. This places me in a position to effectively operate as the environmental specialist manager of the project.

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UN Experience

I have a total of 11 years’ experience working in various environmental related positions in different project organizations. First, I occupied the position of a project manager in the United Nations’ funded project in Kenya, Africa. The job entailed conducting on ground management of project activities and liaising with the state’s head office and overwatching other regional projects. Through my leadership, our team was able to complete the assignment 3 months before the end of the stipulated project deadline of 4 years. This allowed the team to conduct effective monitoring and evaluation of the project for refinement. Such management experience and expertise will feature in the management and completion of targeted objectives for the environmental specialist position.

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The second position I occupied was through self-employment, where I directed my own environmental company. Through My-Eco Company, I was able to establish an environmental business culture within my local community. The company engaged in the establishment of sustainable economic options in the society through aquaculture, agro forestry, and waste management among others. We worked together with local community groups and individuals in establishing environmental economic enterprises that ensured sustainable economic empowerment. My 3 years’ experience with this company puts me in a unique position for the job as I can independently organize and coordinate events towards achievable goals within timelines. As a result, I possess relevant experience related to working in community-coordinated conditions that will be required in the advertised vacancy for communication and coordination of project activities with the different stakeholders. Once the business was set up and running, I opted to let it run self-sustainably as I ventured further to develop my career and bring more positive environmental changes to the society.

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UNDP Experience

My desire of further development led me to my previous job – a 4-year contract with a United Nations Development Program project in Antananarivo, Madagascar as the project manager. The position involved coordinating projects and activities with local government agencies, stakeholder institutions, projects, and the community to ensure effective management of the region’s natural resources. This puts me at a vantage of already being experienced in working for the UNDP in relation to their official conduct and terms of reference. These include management strategies, structures, communication structures, ethical and legal policies, and the mission and vision objectives. It also will save the organization resources that would have been invested in rigorous training and orientation, as I am already UNDP trained and qualified. My experience already places me within the required knowledge and experience required to effectively run a project in the region.

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Assuredly, I possess the required expertise and experience to be your next environmental specialist manager for the Antananarivo, Madagascar project. I hold a master’s degree in environmental science with an ongoing environmental management PhD study. I have 11 years’ experience in managing environmental projects, 3 years’ experience running my own environmental company and 8 years’ experience equally distributed between working for UN and UNDP projects. I am also an individual of good character, goal oriented, team player, and a good communicator in English and French, both written and spoken. Thank you for your consideration and I look forwards to working with you.

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