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Personal Narrative

Audience: The audience in this narrative is communication and technology enthusiasts who are willing to fund a communication-based company. The company will provide services in digital environments that cover a variety of potential markets, audiences, and media. This will incorporate video-sharing cites for the advertisement of products or services and public persuasion matters.

Prompt: why do you want to embark into the realm of public rhetoric and practical communication? What qualities make you believe that you will offer exemplary services within this field? How does practical communication influence the goals and objectives of your organization?

My passion towards public rhetoric and practical communication stems from the desire to take part in oral presentations, creation of digital content and writing in print. My passion compelled me to take a course that covers these activities so that I could refine my skills and gain more experience. In my studies, I considered engaging in public rhetoric because it focuses on operating texts and images as a way of action. Public rhetoric also correlates with provision of services in digital environments because of the way it delineates public culture.

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The quality that makes me believe in being able to offer exemplary services is the communicative practices that are based on public culture. The course has also equipped me with a broad communication background that can be applicable in corporate or organizational settings. In addition, rhetoric and practical communication incorporates examination of communication systems in all fields of human communication diversifying the scope of operation. The course has also made me familiar with the way how speech and rhetoric can be compounded with classical models as well as rhetorical theories. I also have a desire to explore experiential opportunities by applying off-campus the lessons and theories that I learnt in school.

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Practical communication will influence the goals and objectives of my organization because it was covered by rhetorical studies which provide employees with a comprehensive evaluation of human communication. In addition, the studies explore communicative practices which range from disputes to communicative practices of everyday life. This will be relevant and effective because it shows how communication can influence public cultures from a global perspective. Practical communication can also influence the ulterior objective of my organization through combination of strong speaking and writing skills with visual modes of interaction. The modes of interaction may include photography, multimedia and video content. The approach to communication from a practical perspective will aid the exploration of human communication as a social and cultural phenomenon.

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This will also blend well with the company’s objectives of providing services in digital environment. Moreover, the globe is becoming infused with technology thus necessitating combination of strong speaking and writing skills and service advertising for successful products . After all, rhetoric and public communication pertains to practice and criticism that dominates the realm of human communication. In addition, the means of public communication can be used as a blueprint to develop critical and analytic research skills that are vital to ethical speaking, writing and listening skills. It will also help to increase understanding of dynamic communication environments.

Rhetoric and public communication have a huge potential in the modern world where new companies are being established on a daily basis. Moreover, the companies will look for a means of delivering their products and services to consumers. This is where our organizational objectives will prove useful. However, due to the advancing technology, clients will require an organization that can utilize modern trends of maintaining communication with the consumers. The fact that our company utilizes digital technology and media will be an added advantage, thus giving us the edge over other companies within the same industry. Furthermore, practical communication plays a significant role in social activities, personal relationships, communication technologies and creative expression. In future, our company will develop various capacities for critical appraisals and participation in communication-driven social as well as civic life.

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