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Concealing Groups essay

Introduction The group that I would be comfortable facilitating is the psychoeducational group. The psychoeducational group refers to a group composed of members who are well functioning but have information deficit in some specific areas. The aim of psychoeducational session or process is to ...

Cultural Personal Experience essay

I was 17, when I came to the city of Perth, Australia for the first time. I decided to participate in an international students exchange program, thus had to move to a foreign city for a few months to attend high school and live there with my new host family. The trip made me extremely excited with ...

Life in Denver essay

I was born and grew up in Denver, Colorado. It is particular and attractive area. There are some things that people who were born and grew up in Colorado naturally know. The major lesson I’ve got while living in Denver is that I must take umbrella, coat and sunblock with me when I go out. ...

Personal Narrative essay

Audience: The audience in this narrative is communication and technology enthusiasts who are willing to fund a communication-based company. The company will provide services in digital environments that cover a variety of potential markets, audiences, and media. This will incorporate video-sharing ...

Self-Evaluation of the Revision essay

I read all the short stories I wrote and edited them in order to improve their content and language. This experience was very useful and I believe that such proofreading is vital for improving writing skills. In the first story “A man who had an idea”, I corrected some mechanical ...

Self-persuasive Presentation essay

I am seeking employment for the environmental specialist manager position. I am totally convinced that I am fit for the job. I will provide a detailed overview of my skills and expertise in order to prove that I am the best candidate for the proposed position. Educational Background I hold a ...

Upbringing Principles essay

Upbringing played a significant role in my childhood as I was the only girl in the family. My parents had quite strict, but just rules and principles, which I needed to follow constantly. However, they managed to turn me into a real personality with particular moral and spiritual values that led me ... Testimonials

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