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Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction

In today’s modern society, learners are facing quite a challenge when it comes to concentration in their school work. Cellphones, computers, and the massive stream of stimuli they avail pose an intense challenge to concentration and education. The high-tech gadgets act as mediums of surfing the web, recording video, listening to music, and conducting text chats. Researchers argue that these are massive distractions to learning and concentration among the young generation.

Researchers have voiced that the available technologies also affect adults. However, their impact is great among young people. They have justified this hypothesis by arguing that developing brains easily become habituated to switching tasks constantly than fully developed brains. This way, the developing brains, become less able to retain concentration on a single task. A student with access to high-tech cellphones and other computer devices will find it extremely hard to concentrate on his studies fully.

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Some students send hundreds of chat messages to their friends every month via their cellphones. They can even conduct multiple chats at the same time with their friends. This consumes plenty of time which would have otherwise been used for studying. The distraction can also be manifested in classroom tests performances. A bright student can score poorly in English or Algebra but perform remarkably well in video critique. This is so if the learner has a passion in video creation via computer technologies. This translates into a general poor aggregate performance in the whole exam.

Even as educators and parents express their concerns about their children digital diets, efforts to avail technologies in classrooms continue to intensify. Teachers often find technology devices as good mediums of connecting with their students in and out of class. All over the country, learning institutions are continuing to equip themselves with computers and internet connectivity devices. Since the majority of kids in schools already have access to these devices, tutors find their work eased especially when delegating assignments.

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Since the love of technology devices among students is so immense, some learning institutions have succumbed to encouraging their learners to use the devices in classes. A high school principal, David Reilly, has even encouraged teachers in his school to create websites to communicate with students (Richtel, 2010). Through the websites, they will be able to introduce popular lessons using digital tools. The move is aimed to enhance learning and concentration capabilities among students.

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