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The Dynamic Resistance Response Model

In terms of human behavior, it’s hard to accurately predict what to expect. Suspect resistance varies from one individual to another. It is therefore important for police officers to be prepared to deal with different situations differently. The issue of resistance by suspect determines the reaction of the officer. In most scenarios, the public scrutinize the officer actions without necessarily checking the behavior of the suspect. In some instances, the intentions of the suspect cannot be known immediately because some may pretend to cooperate in order to catch an officer off guard. It is therefore important for the officers to protect their lives and the lives of other people at all cost. This means the force used by officers cannot be specifically determined in advance hence making a dynamic approach suitable in dealing with resistance of the suspect in various ways.

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Improper use of force by few officers should not result into automatic change of policy but rather a more look on both parties involved because some civilians provoke officers into aggression by failing to comply with the law and commands. Traditionally, commands were placed in a ladder format. This bred a misinterpretation by the suspects unfamiliar with the law enforcement who became increasingly combative when on the wrong side of the law thinking that the officer must adhere to the way the arrangement is made. The combative nature of the suspects and the ambiguity of the ladder format of commands resulted to the introduction of a wheel with the officer at the centre surrounded by the commands giving citizens a hard time guessing the kind of command the officer will employ.

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The new approach (wheel) led to law enforcement agencies classifying suspects into four categories hence determining the response to be utilized. The responses include not resistant where suspects do not resist to follow commands whose response is the presence of an officer; verbal commands; passive resistance whose response is firm grip; control holds; aggressively resistance whose response is use of personal weapons and finally the deadly resistant category where the suspect attempts to injure or even kill an officer. The response to this is using deadly force to overcome the offender.

We can argue that the work of law enforcement is very dynamic. The officers meet with challenges because they usually deal with human beings whose actions may change in a fraction of seconds. This requires officers to respond immediately according to the suspect behavior. For example, a suspect may pretend to cooperate and even get out of the car then suddenly run away or attack the officer. This means that officers training should be aimed mostly on the quick judgment of officers in terms of suspect behavior rather than using some systematic actions when trying to make the suspect to cooperate.

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The police should consider the use of minimal force while dealing with suspects. This ensures that the aggressiveness of the suspects is controlled and he/she is not provoked to resist. There are many tactics that the police can use. Intelligent aspects are required. The police should be trained to be more psychological while dealing with suspects rather than physical as is observed in many cases. On the other hand, the public ought to be informed about their rights and made familiar with the law so as to avoid irregularities. Most people do wrongs having little idea that they are breaking the law. Introduction of lessons in the school curriculum will go a long way in ensuring that our youths grow up having familiarized themselves with what crime entails. This will lower such incidences. Also, counseling of lunatic kids at an early age is an important aspect. This eliminates the behavior at a young age. If the behavior is not controlled then the kids may grow to be criminals in the future.

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