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Star constellations have often drawn the attention of people because of many reasons. Whereas one category of people finds them beautiful, another treats them as a kind of miracle that is still a matter for considerations. The third ties their everyday life with the positions of stars and asserts that they are affected by them. When the opinions of first two categories of people could be understandable, the third one gives birth for certain doubts. The question ‘what stands behind the belief in star constellations’ arises.

The primary aim of this research proposal is to answer the question why people believe in star constellations. In order to get certain suggestions on this point the interview is to be carried out among the people who are fond of astrology. In total, twenty people have been asked on the point what the reasons for believing that star constellations affect everyday life of modern human are. During the course, students have been provided with the opportunity to learn a set of methodology that is used in scientific research; therefore I consider that I have had enough skills to perform an interview. In order to ensure the confidentiality, no names and titles of the person has been asked to be provided. All the participants as well as other people who have been involved have obliged to keep silent on what has been said.

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The results of the survey were as follows. It is beyond the doubt that there are plenty of people who start their day with a cup of coffee accompanied with the article on star constellations, or, if more precisely, with their horoscope for the particular day. The reasons for such behavior are numerous. There is no need to say that since the ancient times, people have tried to find something magic that would make their lives more meaningful. The stars, their constellations have been made responsible for their mood, success, health conditions, and fortune chances. To some extent, it helps. When one reads that the next week one will be able to close a deal or to increase one’s financial assets, one’s mood level rises and one definitely becomes a more confident and optimistic person, which perhaps is indeed able for new colossal actions. On the other hand, if a person is faced with the horoscope that does not promises mountains of gold she or he, who truly believes in horoscopes, will be more morally prepared for any misfortunes occurring to them regardless of their character. Therefore, I can conclude that some people believe in truthfulness of horoscopes because they consider them a good anticipation for the future, which provides them with information regarding future events and helps to prepare properly for the new challenges.

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Another group of people indeed believes that everything in this world is correlated. Nothing happens without a reason. They are assured that coincidences are not coincidental. In fact, such people get inspiration from that idea. They suggest with relevant confidence that everything is affected by numbers of their birth dates, the constellation under which a person has been born and lines on their hands. Indeed, sometimes, it is rather convenient to blame all misfortunes and hardships that happen to them on the position of stars. It is also quite convenient to say: ‘well, I am stubborn just like all calves are’.

For some of people, zodiac signs are of great benefit. When they meet a stranger and find out about his or her zodiac sign, they could suggest certain traits of character that are inherent for the as well as the inclinations they might have being a Leo, for example. Of course, not all people who have been born in August are of the same character, but those who believe in horoscope consider that they do have common features of temper. In addition, being born under some particular zodiac sign means that one might be friendly with people of one zodiac sign and unfriendly with others just because of the position of the stars when they were born. Thus, from the psychological point of view, the person who has been born as an Aries will be definitely more confident in communication with Leos as both of people born under these zodiac signs have been considered friendly in relations with each other. At the same time, due to stereotypes related to beliefs in meanings of star constellations people born under Aries constellation might be unpleasant with the people born under the constellation of Cancer.

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As a conclusion, it should be said that despite all the accurate data the researcher is provided with due to the efforts of scientists, people will always strive for leaving room for something non-understandable at first glimpse. People will still believe in fate and in the assumption that their lives are not fully under their control; that they are controlled by certain higher and powerful substances. In main part, people believe in zodiac signs because this belief gives them support and hope that the next day the stars will take right positions and one will find an optimistic horoscope for the brand new successful day. It is the way people get inspiration and encourage in everyday’s routine.

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The research paper is to be presented in the written form and would be of great interest for astrologists as well as those who are interested in star constellations-related issues.

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