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The existence of gender notion can be explained through certain cognitive theories, which reflect that gender and its identity come of the ‘knowledge and skills’ that person gains throughout his or her lifetime, basing on the cooperation of mental schemes and social experience. It is about the “inner understanding” of the children of the external environment, regarding gender differences (GenderIssues inPsychology). Thereafter, the objective of the following paper is to discuss the gender identity and the way it has affected my personal perception of how I see myself.

I must state that I am proud to be a male, as I was born with this gender, and I feel like being a man all my life. Thus, being a man comes with the responsibility, and my parents have taught to behave in a masculine way. The environment has been properly adjusted for me, so I could enjoy playing toys for boys and doing the activities that have helped me to stay strong spiritually and take a bigger responsibility in life. The example to that was that parents used to tell me not to cry ‘as I was a boy’, and that I always should give my piece of cake to those who are smaller and weaker. I would say that my advantage of being a man relates to bigger responsibilities within society. However, it also sets certain limitation as I am expected to perform in life better and would probably not be seen by my spouse as a babysitter. I have to comply with the limitations that the society has set, as I cannot attend certain places where only women are.

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My biological limitation prevents me from making a choice in terms of a career that would be perfect for women while I cannot see myself as a cosmetologist even though it is possible. I can do many things as a male, and I enjoy it as I have bigger opportunities and can do boxing or attend various extreme sports while biologically I cannot be delivering babies. I can manage my emotions better and do not get upset over the things women do, but it is a positive social benefit as I can occupy certain positions within my career ladder that need a strong character.

I believe that the biggest impact on the creation of my gender identity was coming from the side of my parents through proving the right environment and upbringing techniques. Nevertheless, the other individuals who have affected my understanding of gender were my teachers at school, who with the help of coaching and mentoring have taught me the right attributes of the behavior that is common to males.

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I believe that my life would have been very different if I were a girl but I would still enjoy it. It would require me focusing on other life goals and priorities, where getting married and bringing babies to the world would be on the top of the list. In addition to that, I believe that there is an issue with gender inequality within our society as women still struggle to be recognized. If not for wars and Industrial Revolution, their impact might have been unnoticed for many more years. The major change that should take place must be related to equality within education and top management position within global companies.

In conclusion, I would like to mention that toddlers are exposed to various gender schemas, which are set in the form of the mental frameworks related to gender that include the rules set by the environment and society. It combines with the understanding of a child. The example to that can be the division of toys for kids- cars are for boys and dolls are for girls.

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