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Article Review:

The article “The Deepwater Horizon’s Impact on Gulf Wildlife and Habitats” focuses on the tragedy of Deepwater Horizon that has crashed in April 2010 in the northern Gulf of Mexico (National Wildlife Federation, 2016). Notably, it invokes the recent research that has been conducted by the federal government and its results, and it outlines certain facts from the respective reports (National Wildlife Federation, 2016). Despite the article’s goal to attract the readers’ attention to the mentioned ecological disaster, it proves to be unreadable, shallow, and purposeless; as a result, it loses any appeal and does not attract enough attention to the said issue, hence, losing its credibility and value as a consequence.

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First, the article’s credibility is rather debatable. Although it stipulates that the federal government has conducted a certain research of results of Deepwater Horizon’s crash (National Wildlife Federation, 2016), it does not provide information on the event itself. There are no links to either the report or the researching facility. Further, the structure of the article is considerably loose. There is an introduction to the topic with a pretense for a certain analysis; however, it further transforms into a dry recitation of facts, with no links to the respective sources from which the information has been taken. Since there is no cohesion in the article’s structure and style, it is quite unreadable, and its appeal is lost once the recitation starts. As a result, the logic of the argument is lost due to the fact that the article first attempts to draw attention to the environmental catastrophe but later focuses on random facts about it. Finally, there is no adequate conclusion or any message related to the outlined factual database that is left hanging loosely at the end of the article. Consequently, the only emotions that the article spawns are boredom and doubt as a result of its poor structure, weak argumentation, and vague credibility.

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Moreover, even the website’s purpose fails to save the article. Particularly, considering the fact that the website is owned by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), readers may feel that the information it contains is ultimately credible and just. Unfortunately, although the author’s case of Deepwater Horizon being “an injury to the entire ecosystem of the northern Gulf of Mexico” (National Wildlife Federation, 2016) is supported by the said recitation of certain facts, it is sluggish. The article is unreadable, uninteresting, and any regular reader will lose interest in attentively reading it after the introduction ends. The mentioned argument seems to be proved, but there are no citations or any links to the sources from which the data have been taken. Thus, the article’s credibility is severely impaired. In addition, there is no case being made in relation to positioning this environmental tragedy in correlation with the world’s ecosystem.

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Apart from the abovementioned issues, the article spurs little emotions that the author might have wanted to invoke. Considering the gravity of the actual environmental catastrophe that had been caused by Deepwater Horizon’s crash, the article should have developed the theme more eloquently and elaborately for the reader to grasp the whole scope of the detrimental effects. In this case, the readers’ emotions and cognition would have kicked in, which would have resulted in an emotional imprint based on the revealed facts. Unfortunately, the dry and recitation-like structure of the article that enlists the affected categories, for example, “Dolphins and Whales… Fish… The Gulf Floor” (National Wildlife Federation, 2016), contains no appeal to the readers’ emotions. The article is just a compilation of facts of unknown origin, with no actual value or interest in them.

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In conclusion, I would definitely state that the article is not reputable. Although the data presented in it seem to be true, it lacks any links, citations, or references, which undermines its credibility. In addition, the structure forces the readers’ interest to fade quickly, and the chances of the readers finishing the article are rather slim. Thus, there is not point and value in this article, and it is better to search for a more refined source to learn about Deepwater Horizon’s crash.

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