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Revitalization of the City of Newark

Newark is the biggest town in the state of New Jersey, which is considered as one of the oldest ones in the United States of America. An industrialization process, which began in the year of 1880, has led to the growth and development of the city to greater heights. Due to its growth, Newark town attracted many people in the year 1900 that came to enjoy a range of entertainments and shops at various places within it. The town recorded an increase in the vast population before the World War 11 thus leading to overcrowding.

With the incline, housing has become a major problem. Meanwhile, on the other hand, the town’s economic activities have declined. With the increase in population, jobs in the city have become scarce leading to idling of people in the streets and posing insecurity challenges among residents. There was a need to curb this issue before it became a crisis. Therefore, the necessity to revitalize the city appeared since many people had developed a fear of settling and working in Newark. This paper provides a research proposal on revitalization of Newark in order to accommodate many people to various capacities thus improving its economic status.

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Revitalization simply means bringing back to an activity something subsided. There was a need to revitalize Newark city in order to encourage more investors and developers. Concerning this, various sectors needed an improvement to accommodate the huge population that existed in the city. Revitalization of Newark would also enhance the economic growth needed by local businesses for developing a friendly and attractive environment.

Housing has also been a major problem due to an increase in population because of more people coming to shop and invest in Newark city. The large population needs residence where people can shelter at night and during adverse weather conditions. Insecurity and housing problems have proven to be the main factors that discourage investors, shoppers, and tourists from visiting Newark city. Thus, there is a need to revitalize the city in order to accommodate more and more people. It has taken an initiative of the government and other stakeholders to come up with some strategies in order to curb such vices. Building of infrastructures such as multi-storey residential and retail constructions helps in developing the economy of the town. The infrastructures encourage business-minded people and investors to work within the city thus the revenue collected boosts the economy of it.

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Infrastructure Development

Infrastructures such as schools, hospitals, roads, railway and airports help in improving residents’ lives through provision of quality services. Good road transport system assists in the movement of people in and out of the town thus encouraging investors arriving at it. According to the statistics carried out in a view of Newark, large population is expected into it with the essence of investing into the town. The overall output of the large population will eventually boost the economic status of the city thus ranked with the highest number of people. It is expected that the expansion of roads within Newark will enhance a quick transportation of people from and into it to carry out their day-to-day activities. Transportation of goods from and into the town will be easy due to well-constructed roads. With all these aspects in place, the revitalization process will smoothly continue thus Newark city will be reborn. The highest number of investors will be recorded. Various initiatives have been put in place in the recent years to revitalize the town as discussed in this research paper. Infrastructure is essential for any city in terms of economic progress. Thus, there is a need to have good infrastructures such as buildings, roads, and bridges. A good infrastructure system comes with many social and economic development opportunities. Newark city since the time immemorial has been known to be the second largest town in New York with a high population. It has been poorly designed in buildings leading to congestion due to an increase in population. The government working with other investors has seen the need to revitalize the town in order to accommodate the large population within it. The first initiative was to improve the standards of building more stored houses within the city.

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The old houses with only one floor needed some renovation to have several stores for housing many people. Newark’s buildings needed to have six and more stores to increase the accommodative capacity. The constructions were structured in a certain manner or way to beautify the city thus becoming attractive to many people. Residential houses have been constructed within Newark in order to house individuals that work within the town thus reducing congestion in the streets.


Housing is a major problem in the city of Newark; thus the need to construct a multi-storey building within suburbs. Most business people need houses within or near the town for housing purposes. The main aim for the revitalization process was to control the large population by providing a housing solution such as the construction of several multi-storey buildings within the town. The residential houses could insert to 50 individuals including their families. On the other hand, there is a need to build and renovate business constructions in order to include various businesses. They involve huge shops, supermarkets, and big malls. Investors and other business minded people need big markets in order to carry out their activities thus boosting the city’s economy. With more businesses within Newark, the more people will wish to stay or work there (Noland & Lahr, 2012).

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The buildings need to be constructed few meters away from the road to allow an expansion of the main motorway. The space is left for parking purposes since most people in the city own one or several cars. As a result, there is a need to have a proper parking space. It is mainly to control traffic jams in the centre due to the lack of spacious parking spaces. The government with the help of the infrastructure department has done the following thing. It has constructed a large market within the city centre with various shops and stalls of different types as well as sizes to accommodate various businesses.

Individuals are required to pay a certain tax to the government, which, in turn, boosts the city’s revenue collection. By constructing such infrastructure, job opportunities have been created thus curbing the problem of unemployment within the city. The government has employed various designers to obtain a new outlook for Newark. Their main aim is to create some space within the city and reduce congestion thus accommodating many people and businesses (Lovin, 2014). Constructed and renovated buildings are also used in inserting different offices including governmental ones.

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New retail establishments are being built to accommodate both small and big retail businesses such as boutiques, saloons, auto spare shops, hardware, chemist’s, and pharmacy. These ones are cheap and affordable thus encouraging more retailers to participate in businesses. They may be operating small retail shops in order to sustain their day-to-day lives. Housing is considered to be the biggest problem in Newark city. The affordable rental houses are constructed to accommodate the large population arriving there as tourists or those doing shopping. Houses are constructed as stored buildings in order to accommodate more people thus curbing the housing problem within the city (Hershey, 2007).

While renovating and constructing multi-storey buildings, constructors had to include the pedestrian oriented community featuring retail establishments within except the buildings. It has created space for tourists or people while shopping at various retail shops in Newark. On the other hand, infrastructures lead to schools, hospitals, and other government provision services. Constructing hospitals in Newark is the best solution to the residents of the city (Laska, S., & Spain 2013). With an increase in the population, there is a need to regularly check the health of people. Various hospitals, both private and governmental, have to be put up within the town to help the large community. Different structures need to be constructed and spread inside the town to offer quality services as a way of revitalizing it and encouraging more and more people to settle and invest.

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Service Provision

For any city to prosper there is a need to have the proper health provisional services to people. It will help to curb and control such a disease as flu. Through the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization, various health infrastructures are being put up as specific sites for people. Private investors and developers have also come up with various health units to assist in provision of health services within the town on the Health Provision Act in Newark (Hershey, 2007). On the other hand, there is the need to enhance an education system by constructing schools, colleges, and universities. Moreover, there is a necessity to improve education by adding more schools to cater for the needs of the population as a method of revitalizing Newark. Education there is considered a basic need among all individuals living there.

In the recent years, Newark city has seen a large input in providing education among its residents with an aim of reducing illiteracy. The town will make individuals literate. As a result, it will encourage more dwellers to boost the economy because of its competitive nature. Various schools are being put up together with universities and colleges across the city to ensure each and every individual acquiring skills and knowledge. It will help in improving the standards of Newark. In order to revitalize the city in terms of education, the government has established the Newark Teacher’s Village project with an aim of transforming 11 blocks within the town. It will create some space for expansion of three local schools. There was a need to increase education opportunities for children as a way of revitalizing the city into something new and vibrant. Newark city is made up of many schools and learning institutions with each being fully equipped. Many persons are looking for education in the town. The Teacher’s Village has set aside 90,000 square feet space for the establishment and construction of three state art schools. Both schools and the day care center are scheduled to be opened this summer (Lovin, 2014).

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Transport System

Except the development of buildings as a way of revitalizing Newark, various other sectors need to be developed, i.e. a transport system. There is the need for the good transport system. It entails the use of road, railway, and air kinds of transport. Newark city is made up of the good transport system. However, there is the necessity to improve it due to an increase in its population. The government has introduced the expansion of roads within the town to accommodate people as road users (Laska, S., & Spain 2013). The expansion involves the construction of a four-lane highway on both sides equipped with streetlights and road safety signs. Newark experiences traffic jams. Such ones, according to researchers, prove to be a major setback in the country’s economic development. Many hours are being wasted while being in traffic jams. It is reducing the overall time needed for developing the town in terms of work force necessary. An initiative of constructing and expanding roads proves to be the best solution to the country’s economic development.

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People or individuals travelling from the outcast of the town will find it easy accessing it. Therefore, many more investors are encouraged to enter the city. The city roads should be fixed with traffic lights for controlling the traffic flow of both incoming and outgoing transport. The traffic movement will be swift both arriving into Newark and leaving it. Moreover, it will be helpful for business individuals. Transporting goods to and from the city will be easier due to a smooth flow of traffic and good roads (Bryant, 2011). On the other hand, there is a need to revitalize the railway transport system within the town.

With the introduction of the electronic train transportation system, individuals or people could easily move in and out of Newark, thus improving the transport system, in general. As a result, the town’s economy has drastically increased due to availability of investors and business oriented individuals. Electric trains are considered as the fastest transport within the city. Besides, their carrying capacity is higher as compared to buses and cars. The town is also trying to refurbish the airport transport system. This kind of vehicle is a backbone of the tourist sector in Newark city (Lovin, 2014). Tourists from other cities such as New York visit Newark due to planes. It also helps in transportation of perishable goods such as flowers from and into the town. There is a need to expand and develop the air transport system in Newark for the purposes of encouraging more investors and shoppers in Newark.











With all these issues, Newark city’s population is drastically going to increase due to encroachment of people to settle there. The rate of security risks drastically reduces because most people will be in the streets both at day and night. The town from its revenue collection plans to install CCTV cameras to curb crime related activities. A crime pulls back the development of any town in the world. The reason is that investors and business vendors fear losing their assets and may prefer investing in other more secured areas or cities.

Regarding the security of Newark’s residents, several measures should be put in place to curb this vice. It proves to be a root of all problems in any developing site. Newark should establish various police stations with each of them being fully equipped. Patrol cars should be available at every street to monitor individuals with a motive of distracting peace among residents. The main source of insecurity in the city is caused by unemployment. Unemployment has been a problem from the time immemorial. It means that an action needs to be taken to curb this evil. Newark city, through the government initiative of creating jobs, should introduce such opportunities to the youth to quit the crimes.

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The city’s population in the recent years has been adequately determined by the overall organization of the city’s structure on its planning and structural organizations. The town contains a planning structure, which aims at ensuring each building as properly designed to offer a conductive environment for business people and city dwellers. Most individuals have flocked Newark with an aim of establishing vast business centers. Thus the need to acquire space to carry out their day-to-day businesses has appeared. On the other hand, city dwellers mainly those with families should have a good environment for their wellbeing.

Majority of city planners have embarked on restructuring the town by decorating buildings for attraction purposes. They have acquired tenders from the local government of Newark to accommodate the huge population flocking into the town. Tourists arriving into the city with a touristic aim have a necessity for good entertainment possibilities (Lovin, 2014).

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Newark, which is the second largest city in New York, can only prosper when the above-discussed issues will be addressed. Over the years, the population increase in this town has led to the emergence of problems such as insecurity and the housing issue. The first one is mainly caused by unemployment among individuals in the vast city. Majority of people are unemployed. Therefore, it leads to a high cost of living and crime related activities.

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