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Crisis in Ukraine essay

At the turn of 2013 – 2014, in Ukraine, the wave of protests started; it was caused by the different views of political forces concerning the vector of the foreign policy of the country. “For the second time in nine years, anti-regime protesters have filled the streets of Ukraine” ...

Defending Government: Why Big Government Works essay

In the modern community, freedom or democracy is valued and cherished by the citizens and the government. Democracy has been adopted by most countries around the world allowing the relationship between official power and state’s residents to be strong and enhance the lives of the countries. ...

Is There a Different Sort of Realism in the Socialist States as There Is in the United States? essay

Introduction The most effective means of ensuring peace, according to political realism, is the balance of power that arises as a collision of national interests and respect for the rights of each other. The theory should establish and interpret the facts under the terms of political realism. The ...

Political Update on Bahrain essay

Political Situation The political atmosphere in Bahrain has been rather tense for the last six months. Massive demonstrations as well as other civil disobedience campaigns have been a regular occurrence in the country. On a number of occasions, complete mayhem broke out. Indeed, local news agencies ...

Theory of the Origins of War essay

Initially, the origin of war seems to be easy to comprehend. A hostile state attacks its weaker neighboring state in pursuit of territorial aggrandizement. As a result, two states come to grips over a disputed territory. One coalition of states unleashes war on another coalition to gain worldwide ...

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