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Community Health Problems Affecting Men in My Community

The health of people in any community is an important aspect to consider because some diseases can be fatal. Similarly, identifying both real and potential health threats and addressing them is vital for the individuals and the community. In my community, men seem to neglect their health more as compared to women. From my observation, they have poor health habits by overlooking the long-standing effects. To them, if a particular habit is not causing any problem instantly, they continue doing it. Three common factors contributing to their problems include smoking, poor diet, and not attending medical checkup, which the community health nurse can address by teaching them proper health habits.

In my community, smoking is a common practice. It is common to meet young men in their 20s buying cigarettes. From my studies and research as a student nurse, I am aware that there is a close relationship between early age of smoking and lung cancer (Hymowitz, 2012). Since this behavior began long ago, it is also common to see old men in my community smoking. While talking to them, they seemed not to comprehend the effects of smoking. I identified this as a critical factor because men in my community have various respiratory problems, and several studies have attributed smoking to those problems.

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Another problems are poor dietary habits and alcoholism. Consumption of meat and alcohol is compared to fruits and vegetables. There has been a high demand for meat, which has been a thriving business in my community. I take this as a matter of concern because meat not only has bad cholesterol, but also is associated with the increased risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease (Pan et al. 2012). Again, at weekends and even during the week, most men engage in drinking alcohol. They drink uncontrollably until some young men are taken for rehabilitation. Additionally, it is not common for men in my community to exercise. These related habits put them at risk of developing various cardiovascular diseases.

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The last and most serious problem of all is not attending medical checkup. It is vital for everyone to go for health checkup often to know their health status to identify the best way they can treat and prevent diseases. Conversely, it is not the case in my community. In my studies as a nurse, I learned that health is not just the absence of an ailment but a state of complete mental, physical, and social well-being (Huber, 2011). So, if they ever develop cancer, they will notice only when it is advanced. Thus, these men need to be counseled on their health habits.

Community health nurses have a crucial role to play in promoting health because their profession focuses on the population and requires unique competencies (Esther, & Eunhee, 2012). From my studies and experience as a student community nurse, I know that I can address problems in my community by doing a proper assessment, taking a detailed history, considering all the factors that lead to poor health habits, and developing a plan to sensitize my community on dangers of those habits. For the nurse to help the community, she needs to understand the socio-cultural aspects that lead to those habits. Additionally, they will have to teach the community using various ways like posters and direct communication to educate them on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

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Often, men fall victims of poor health choices. They engage in those practices due to the lack of knowledge regarding the consequences awaiting them. Thus, it is important to make them aware of the risks associated with poor health habits.

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