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Innovative Nursing Care Model

Innovative Nursing Care Model

The care model that I chose for my work setting is the patient-centered care model similar to the one used in Southwestern Vermont Medical Center. According to it, the patient should be provided with the best environment for all stakeholders participating in his or her healing. The model was my preferred choice because it uses a decentralized type of care and allows an interdisciplinary approach to patient care. This technique is what health care institutions should put in place because it enables the patients to be given time and space to examine their health, to say how they feel and to talk about their progress (Health Workforce Solutions [HWS], 2008).

Patient-centered care has been successfully applied in Southwestern Vermont Medical Center, and that is why I chose it as the one I would like to implement in my workplace. The model fits into my work setting because we are more concerned with what we give to our patients than just adhering to the hierarchy in the healthcare institution. The approach involves nurse experts managing different health tasks so that the relationship between the patient and caregiver can be improved. The model’s mission and vision fit into my setting because they address providing exceptional health care to our clients. The organization focuses on offering the best maternal and child health services that will cause a positive impact on the patients. The model’s core values are not any different from my hospital. It intends to provide quality healthcare, to apply empathy, to assure clients of their safety, to engage healthcare in teamwork and each caregiver to be a steward (HWS, 2008). These are the values that my work setting is targeting and hence the organization needs to implement patient-centered care to achieve its objectives.

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Development Team for Innovative Nursing Care Model

Patient-centered care model is an interdisciplinary approach, and hence its development and implementation involves more than just the nurses. To begin with, the architectures would design excellent and relevant buildings to all people. The buildings would be adapted for the use of both physically handicapped people and those who can move themselves. Access of natural light would be maximized. The interior designers would paint walls in cool colors and place comfortable chairs both in the rooms and in the waiting area.

The Chief Executive Officer would ensure that patients are the key concern for every health worker by planning and carrying out staff empowerment and customer service training and seminars. There would be different nurse experts who would be tasked with different patient care roles. The health information managers would provide access to health information of the patients. Radiographers would produce timely and relevant imaging facilities. Laboratory technologists would offer detailed laboratory tests. The ward attendants would ensure that patients’ rooms are clean and that they are provided with whatever that they would need. The reason why all these people would be involved is because what really matters is a combination of all people's effort and not merely one nurse's effort.

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Incorporation of Selected Model into my Work Setting

In incorporating the patient-centered model, the engineers would first ensure that the buildings to be used would meet all the necessary requirements. The facilities should not expose the patients to any additional risks (HWS, 2008). The interior designers would make sure that the paintings, arrangement, types of seats, beds and stretchers are comfortable for the patients. The Chief Executive Officer would then plan, design and carry out education for staff member about the importance of patient comfort in care; he/she would make sure that each employee understands that patients’ satisfaction is the reason for the institution's existence.

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There would be health information personnel registering patients and welcoming them into the health institutions through all the entry points. The patients’ data would be corrected, and people would be directed to the different nurses (HWS, 2008). The model would incorporate different nursing department each of which would deal with a single nursing expertise in maternal and child health care. This expertise would include family planning, immunization, pediatrics clinic, reproductive health clinic among others. All nurses would use professional language and allow the patients to express themselves. From the nurses, the patients would be sent to the doctor for review. The doctors' rooms would be enclosed to allow privacy and opening up.

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The patients that would require laboratory examination would be sent to the various laboratories. The laboratory technicians would operate within a standard time. The same case would concern the radiographers. The patients would then come back to the nurse experts for further directions on how to engage disease management. After that they would be sent to the pharmacy if they have any drug prescriptions. To ensure that patient-centered care succeeds, the Chief Executive Officer would foresee the development of a service charter to guarantee that the best services were offered to the patients (HWS, 2008). There would not be a need to enlist nurses on the team as the model would become the policy of the medical facility and the whole personnel would be obliged to follow it.

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Evaluation of Model: Outcome Measurement after Implementation of the Model

After the development and implementation of patient-centered care model, the periodical evaluation would be necessary. The evaluation process would target at measuring three outcomes: the time of service, patient perception of service and patient details obtained. The time of service would be measured by recording the time when the patient comes in and when he/she leaves the hospital. Time of service would ensure that patients are treated effectively in the shortest time possible. The patient perception would be a measure of patient satisfaction with their experience in the hospital. The patients would be asked to identify the strong points and the weaknesses they observed after they heal. The type of patient details obtained would also determine how much the patient felt free to open up. The details would be checked after the patients leave the hospital.

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