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HIV Prevention Strategies at Zip Code 21217

HIV/AIDS is a major threat to the US healthcare system. According to current research, over 1.2 million people in the United States aged 13 years and older are living with HIV (Hall et al., 2012). The disease under discussion has claimed the lives of many people in Baltimore, Maryland. This paper identifies the interventions that have been implemented to combat the HIV infection rate in Baltimore zip code 21217 and recommends two interventions.

Overview and Assessment

In Baltimore zip code 21217, there is a high prevalence (11.4%) of HIV infections among adolescents and adults (Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, 2012). Current studies indicate that HIV/AIDS is more spread among women (Stockman et al., 2013). The two major factors that put women at high risk include having multiple sexual partners and engaging in unprotected casual sex. Evidently, such behaviors have contributed to the spread of HIV cases (Baltimore City Health Department, 2016a). The HIV infection is a major issue in Baltimore, Maryland, and it is among the leading causes of death.

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Priority Nursing Diagnosis

The risk of increased HIV transmissions among adult females in Baltimore zip code 21217 related to having multiple sexual partners and unprotected sex.

Planning and Interventions

The Baltimore Department of Health has identified HIV/AIDS as a threat to the community, and it has designed four interventions (Baltimore City Health Department, 2016b). First, it provides mobile health services by counseling and testing the members of the community for HIV. Second, the department tests citizens for other sexually transmitted diseases that might be putting the people at the risk of the HIV transmission. Third, the department conducts follow-ups to trace the progress in the management of the disease. Lastly, the department provides information about the HIV treatment and updates the public on the current medications used in the management the HIV/AIDS.

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The interventions I would recommend based on the way the HIV infection spreads in the community are counseling and follow-ups. First, counseling is a useful measure in curbing HIV infections because healthcare providers have to discuss with the community their health status with the aim of finding effective solutions. If an individual is infected, he or she is counseled on the need to initiate treatment and lead a healthy lifestyle. If one is not infected yet, counseling may help people prevent the contraction of the disease. Consequently, counseling and testing have been identified as the useful measures for promoting behavior change (Wusu & Okoukoni, 2011).

Another recommendation is the conduction of follow-ups to trace the progress the community is making in curbing the spread of the infection. Due to such a monitoring program, the department can determine who is at the risk of being infected and monitor the behavior change of all the people in the community. Most importantly, the follow-up program ensures that relevant data is documented. The data are then compared with the previous data to monitor the progress that the department and the community are making.

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The evaluation of the recommended interventions can be performed by keeping proper records for subsequent reference. When the department carries out counseling and testing services, they need to record the data regarding infected and not infected citizens. Most importantly, the department should document their age, gender, and time of the first diagnosis, so that during a follow-up, the department can quickly identify the needs of the community. In their study, Silow-Carroll, Edwards, and Rodin (2012) argue that health records are vital in increasing the efficiency and quality of the management of clients.  Therefore, the documented results will be compared with the previous data for an efficient evaluation of the progress in reducing the infection rate.

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HIV is a major health concern in the US. Baltimore, Maryland is one of the areas where the disease is widespread. The infection rate is high in the community zip code 21217 due to people having multiple sexual partners and practicing unprotected sex. Because of that, the health department of Baltimore can reduce the infection rate by counseling and conducting community follow-ups. Most importantly, it can record appropriate data to help in the evaluation of the progress in the management of the spread of HIV.

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