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What is a Profession?


Personally, I have had many jobs and occupations that include a stockman, dishwasher, cook, customer service representative, home health aide, and assembly line. I started working in all the above occupations, because they needed minimal training and practice. However, having a profession is important. I have, therefore, advanced my career and my major is business management. The course is ideal for my profession, as I aim at becoming an accounts receivables manager. To be in this profession, one has to work on the basis of specialized theoretical knowledge. It also involves institutional preparation for one to acquire the recognition as a professional. Briefly, the job entails supervision of all aspects of the accounting function and developing accounting systems for managing assets and liabilities transactions. The paper will discuss the aspects of the accounts receivable profession addressing the ONO rule.

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Part # 1

Accounts receivable manager is a profession as it entails prolonged training. One has to have a formal qualification for this paid occupation. To become an account receivable manager, one has to undergo specialized education training. Then, one ought to continue their professional development by committing to serve the public by behaving ethically. One function of the accounts receivable manager is to formulate and evaluate the organization’s practices. One has to oversee the process and flow of data between the accounting systems. The organization consults the accounts receivable manager on the efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s accounting process. The main goal to serve in this field is protecting the interests of all parties involved.  Following the common and central features of a profession, the above-chosen occupation meets all the requirements. First, an accounts receivable manager has a great responsibility as he has to professionally deal with the matters of vital importance. Therefore, many obligations and responsibilities are entrusted to an accounts receivable manager. The primary responsibility for the occupation include accounting, cash management, budget planning and control, tax handling, and also treasury. An accounts receivable manager ensures efficient and effective processing of all accounts receivable functions. It includes revenue reporting, internal revenue transactions, and reconciliation of the accounts receivable ledger.

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Another feature is accountability. The accounts receivable managers have to hold themselves accountable for the quality of their work. The reason is that they are members of the management. Organizations consider the occupation as a senior level of the consulting profession. To be accountable, the accounts receivable manager is responsible for high ambiguity and complexity. What is more, he or she has tactical accounting responsibilities. Autonomy is a requirement for this profession. One has to have control and ultimate responsibility correspondingly to their work. An account receivable manager has to exercise ethical constraints and avoid client discrimination.

As per the above explanations, it is evident that an accounts receivable manager is a profession. The profession collectively comprises a body of knowledge, skills, and behaviors. The practice entails the maintenance of emotional and physical health as well as the preservation of human freedom and rights. Furthermore, an accounts receivable manager is an occupation that is related to established institutions. Hence, it is a means of providing services to the society. The managers render their services based on their specialized knowledge and skills, thus dealing with issues that require an intellectual plane. Lastly, the field is bound by distinctive ethical codes to ensure good relationships with colleagues, clients, and the public.

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Part # 2

The needs of an accounts receivable manager are important as they meet the essentials of the society. One has to meet the physiological, security, social, esteem, and self-actualization needs of the people he or she is serving. The profession provides an essential service as it manages the collection process of any organization. As a result, one ensures proper follow-up enquiries, referral of accounts, and negotiation with collection agencies. More so, auditing procedures and methods of accounts receivable functions improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business to the public. An account receivable manager profession is essential as it helps people to cope with their financial struggles providing direction on organizational matters.

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Finally, the accounts receivable manager has to demonstrate extensive experience in their accounting competency. One has to use different methods, tools, and processes to prepare finance reports and statements. For sure, the accounts receivable manager successively meets the higher needs of motivating other people.

Part # 3

In order to meet the needs that the profession serves, there are some expertise and resources needed. One has to use money and time to understand the technical and procedural aspects of the job. The accounts receivable manager has to be able to assist other colleagues in solving professional problems. More so, he/she has to perform procedural steps accurately and in the correct order, considering the aspect of time in completing the activity. While working, one has to demonstrate resourcefulness by acquiring additional professional expertise. To accomplish the desired results and provide an excellent customer service, it is essential to be updated on the resources available in the accountancy field. The accounts receivable manager has to update their knowledge of policy or legislation and expertise. Therefore, one needs carrying out high-equality research to be in a position to provide expertise consultancy advice.

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The definition and requirements of accounts receivable manager as a profession meet the ONO rule. The profession meets the opportunity part of the common and central features of the profession. Also, the profession satisfies the expectations of life and the society meeting the need part. Finally, the obligation part is met in terms of resources and expertise that one uses to provide the accounting services. In shortTherefore, an accounts receivable manager is a profession.

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