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The Concept of Explosion and Capacity Management

The concept of explosion entails doing business in a manner that will eventually generate results that are valued on the market. Capacity management, on the other hand, demonstrates how the resources of an organization can be used to sustain a given demand over a certain period. This paper shows the approach that can be utilized to ensure that the concept of explosion prospers in the luggage firm. Additionally, it discusses how the issues of capacity management can be tackled by means of the input/output control.

If I were the manufacturing manager for a firm that produces travel luggage, I would describe the concept of explosion on the basis of profit making and teamwork through an online platform. For the concept of explosion to be attained, the firm would need to looks at the business from the online perspective. The online approach might help because most of the modern clients prefer dealing with an online entity rather than usual companies. For the online platform to be effective, it should involve luring the clients through the firm’s website, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks (Swarbrooke et al., 2012). The use of the online platform might assist the company to follow general market trendі and implement innovations in the luggage manufacturing industry specifically.

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Moreover, discounts as a way of attracting the clients can be used. They might also act as an incentive within the organization. Thus, it is a reasonable strategy for the company to adopt. Another approach is to ensure that the experience of buying via online platform closely resembles purchasing in a real shop. For this purpose, the luggage bags are to be done out of high-quality materials. Then, numerous photos from various angles are to be taken and shared on the firm’s website, Twitter, Facebook. In such a way, the clients will be able to see what is being offered and which materials are used for producing the luggage bags as if they actually visit the shop but without leaving home. Thus, adopting the online strategy is likely to contribute to the explosion concept development in a positive way (Swarbrooke & Horner, 2012). With the help of the concept under consideration, the clients might feel closer to the firm.

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It is true that the best approach to mitigating the issues in capacity management is input/output control as it is an integrated method. It entails planning the acceptable input and output performance and controlling the crises. Capacity management has to be implemented through the use of incentives. Hence, resorting to input/output control is reasonable as it determines what actions are to be taken to attain the desired results and manufacture required products within the established deadline. Besides, capacity management ensures allocating the resources needed for a firm to sustain a given demand over some period. Therefore, for example, when a firm wants to incorporate the skills of administration, the input/output control need to be applied for a positive outcome. The approach will ensure integrating the aspects of planning, measuring, and mitigating emergencies (Brown, Bessant, & Lamming, 2013). Using the approach of input/output control is likely to generate desired results for the firm by facilitating effective capacity management.

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In conclusion, every organization is willing to perform effectively and fruitfully. For it to reach such an aim, the right approaches are to be adopted and implemented. The same concerns the companies operating in the industry of manufacturing travel luggage bags. The business is likely to generate positive results when the input/output control method is applied to tackle the issues in capacity management. Furthermore, the concept of explosion can be implemented on the basis of profit making and teamwork through an online platform for a company to prosper.

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