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Software Functionality Report: PPQ Parts Manufacturing Company


PPQ Parts Manufacturing Company is in the process of selecting the best software package for various activities in the company. The software requirements are those that will help the company integrate its operations with all departments in the enterprise. This move is aimed at ensuring that all functions within the organization are coordinated efficiently to realize maximum productivity. In order to achieve its mission, PPQ Parts Manufacturing Company has enlisted materials requirements planning (MRP), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and capacity requirement planning (CRP) as principle departments that need integration. This report gives a recommendation of the best software that the management can use in the three sectors that require integration. Moreover, it gives clear details of the pros and cons of the recommended software stems.

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Integrating functions of an organization is vital for efficiency and improved services and productivity of the company. PPQ Parts Manufacturing Company should embrace the use of various softwares available in the market to help it create an integrated business process in which its operations can be managed and operated. The research conducted by the individual team found out the best software that it recommends to the company's management for implementation. This software is recommended after extensive study and test conducted by the team. Moreover, the study carried out reveals that the six softwares recommended for implementation have had a good reputation among companies that have used them. Besides, tests and experiments conducted have proved beyond any reasonable doubt that they are far better than other many software options available in the market. The team recommends the following software as the most preferred for each category to be integrated.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning commonly known as ERP is used to integrate various functions of the organization, including marketing, human resource, manufacturing, production, and accounting. It helps an organization manage its operations in a collaborative manner to realize success. PPQ Parts Manufacturing Company will need the following software to provide ERP solutions.


Epicor software is one of the best ERP software in the market. It has been voted as a reputable product with a long history of customer satisfaction. The software has been in use for an extended period serving almost 20,000 customers in 140 countries. To meet various needs of diverse clients, Epicor has been translated into over 30 languages, making it even more reliable. The software has achieved tremendous growth mode, recording a VAR channel that is significant. It is the most recommended software for PPQ Parts Manufacturing Company due to its ability to provide various solutions to PPQ Parts Manufacturing Company. Moreover, Epicor has an added advantage over other software given the fact that it is capable of providing a reliable ERP consultation. Its ability to be compatible with the technology used in MS/SQL/SOA makes it an excellent alternative in any environment. Besides, Epicor is cost-efficient and affordable even to the smallest enterprises in the industry. Thus, it is priced at a lower rate compared to other software.

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The functionality solution offered by Epicor is commendable and has made it easy to work with PSA, i.e. Professional Service Automation. Besides, the software can be compatible with functions of organizations in the hospitality sector, financial sector, manufacturing, retail, Pharma, and NGO sector. A report by analyst shows that Epicor offers the least Total Cost of Ownership and is low on the cost per user of the software. It is currently sold at half of the price of other software in the market

Microsoft SQL

Microsoft SQL is the second best software recommended for PPQ Parts Manufacturing Company. It offers ERP solutions to more than 83,000 customers globally. Microsoft SQL can provide a solution to robust SMB and mid-sized market. Besides, Microsoft SQL has an active partner with the business channel in which it is mandated to operate. It is also capable of providing products to ERP in multiple sources, thus making it more reliable and efficient compared to other ERP software. Just as Epicor, it is capable of working well with technologies used in SQL/MS/Net. Besides, Microsoft is retailing at a lower price like Epicor as compared to other software in the market. It has become the most preferred, especially in the SME organizations achieving Great Plains. Moreover, Microsoft advances its services independently, thus creating the best integrated financial solutions in the market. For instance, the Solomon type has the best project accounting and suits for job costing. This has helped it achieve high channel for resources in the world (Brown, ‎Bessant, & ‎Lamming, 2013).

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It is, however, important to mention disadvantages of Microsoft as preferred software for ERP solution. First, the Microsoft software is only sold through a VAR channel, thus limiting the user to a particular channel in its implementation. Besides, Microsoft uses a road map that has been questioned by several experts, thus raising questions about its credibility in providing ERP solutions. The most discouraging disadvantage is that Microsoft offers different solutions depending on the region it is applied in the world. It has in the past failed the test of being merged into one powerhouse with other ERP software. Maintenance of Microsoft is high and costly to small organizations. Thus, the durability of the Microsoft software remains unclear.

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Material Requirement Planning

Material requirement planning, commonly known as MRP, is software that is used to keep the manufacturing process of a company up-to-date. It is software that helps organizations plan for their material requirements to ensure proper and timely planning of the manufacturing process of organizations. MRP provides a window that allows good production and purchase of resources. It does this through evaluation of the availability of resources, demand for materials, and lead time.


Fishbowl is the best MRP software to be used by PPQ Parts Manufacturing Company. It is possible to use this software to monitor the quantity of raw materials, creates a good plan for purchase in the future, and works best with other software. This software is also capable of automating the ordering of raw materials alongside with allocation of hard and soft materials. Furthermore, this software is capable of providing analysis of existing and ideal cases. Besides, this software can offer maximum and minimum planning for the material requisition. Fishbowl is compatible with the current system and provides a reliable workflow process for all organizations seeking to use it. Moreover, it has a real functionality and provides an excellent end-user to customers; thus, it is seen as reliable software.

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It is important to mention that Fishbowl is a little bit expensive and difficult to maintain. Besides, it limits users on the kind of channel to use, thus reducing its efficiency in providing a solution to MRP in an organization. Its flexibility and affordability are also a challenge to small organizations.

Exact JobBOSS

The Exact JobBOSS is the second best alternative software that is recommended for the company. It has the capability of being compatible with QuickBooks and other software in the market and this has made it reliable, especially for small enterprises. Besides, Exact JobBOSS is affordable and can be used to automate quotation of jobs, scheduling of machines, as well as manage the workflow within an organization. The workflow process and its compatibility with the current system make Exact JobBOSS the best alternative software for the company. Its functionality is reliable and offers an easy way of application to customers. Besides, Exact JobBOSS has created an efficient architecture that is user-friendly and ensures customers’ satisfaction. On the contrary, this software has been limited to only particular channel and regions within the world. This makes it difficult for users to apply the software with flexibility.

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Capacity Requirement Planning

RAD Software

Capacity resource planning, also known as CRP, is a solution available for organizations to integrate various functions within the ability of organizations. It may involve planning for labor strength of the body by measuring standard hours required for labor force against work hours required. Moreover, it uses day shifts to create schedules for work and calculates energy available by qualification and category. It may also involve planning for auxiliary equipment, planning for the capacity of rough cuts, and offering of planning solutions to the capacity of work center and machines. Moreover, this software has the capability of evaluating availability of machines with the ability of set up and maintenance. A good CRP should be in a position to offer a complete picture of the planning process. It can prevent late deliveries caused by disparities in work and capacity of the software. This helps build the morale and reputation of employees. The disadvantage of this is that it has a lot of capabilities that remain idle, thus making an organization lose money. Moreover, this software is delicate, hence offering a risk in evaluating orders of MRP and making an organization need a finesse CRP (Chorafas, 2011).

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Citrix Software

It offers a finite scheduling of jobs and a full operation of any size of activity to be planned. Moreover, it is capable of giving any yield, an integrated processing method for Bucket less, and profile of a workload that is centered. Furthermore, this software has a multi-project capability and an excellent user-defined functionality. It is compatible with other software currently available and offers an efficient end-user support, making it easy to use.
The disadvantage is that it offers a slow capacity planning process and faces difficulty when running inquiries. Besides, it cannot provide capacity planning for standard reports in real-time.


The team recommends this software as the best alternative to be used by the management in providing solutions to ERP, MRP, and CRP in the company. Justification for this recommendation is that they are user-friendly, cheap in maintenance, have unlimited functionality, and are compatible with the current system. Despite other challenges like limited channels, advantages far outnumber any disadvantages. Thus, they are the best software recommended for the management.

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