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Organizational Changes: The Key to a Successful Business

Modern business world is cruel, especially in relation to small businesses, competitiveness level of which is rather small comparing to that of the large companies. In order to improve the economic state of an enterprise, some changes should be introduced into its processes and activities. Such changes are aimed at increasing the level of an organization’s capability and the level of shared value. Both short-term small scale and long-term large-scale changes are expected to promote a company’s economic activity or a working process gradually and effectively. On the basis of organization development schemes, the current work suggests the ways which can be applied to increase the revenue by introducing the aforementioned changes to the business policy of the Sea Treasure Retail group.

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In case of Sea Treasures Retail Trade group, insufficient sales are caused by lack of changes. Hence, the change model should be aimed at increasing the revenue level as well as organization’s popularity. To reach success several approaches are suggested: “the How Approach, the What-How Approach, the What-Why-How Approach, and the Why-What-How Approach” (Fairholm, 2009). The necessity of these approaches lies in changing not only the company, but also the leadership skills and techniques. These principles’ can help get a detailed understanding of how things operate in a particular way. Hence, all the patterns like motivation, culture, values, and relationships should be considered.

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Thus, the short-term goals related to the aforementioned changes comprise the following. A company should become familiar with the topical issues and market demands, as well as keep in touch with the latest trends in the area. People who are responsible for promoting and re-establishing the company’s economy are called “organization development specialists” (Weiss,2012). The task of these people is to work on the current changes within the company by analyzing its inner atmosphere, personnel relationships on the basis of their cultural belonging, communication levels, leadership qualities, job satisfaction, quality of working premises and comfort at the workplace (Weiss,2012). Hence, the short-term goals will also include the analysis of the current trends and definitions of the weaker sides of each area.

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The Dunphy and Stace’s Four Levels of Change strategy is the one chosen for introducing changes. Its implementation presupposes fine tuning, incremental adjustment, modular transformation, and corporate transformation (Weiss,2012). The first level could be classified as short-time small scale changes as they define the main organization’s strategy, its structure, personnel in order to make it fit for the environment the organization works in. The third level could also be matched to this category as they, although strict and radical, always provide successful outcomes. This means an absolute change in the entire organization like departments re-structuration, hiring new managers and executives, introducing new processes in IT, human resources, or business processes. The second and fourth levels will demand a longer time for their implementation as they need thorough and detailed research and analysis, including all the possible and the smallest threats.

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The technological model offered by John Sperling is exceptionally appropriate in the modern technological world (Weiss, 2012). Hence, Sea Treasures’ establishment of a website is a good step in the direction of changes, as the Internet today is the biggest market, and customers will have a chance to look for what they want to buy before they actually come to the store. Such step will demand a number of short-term and long-term changes. Having a network of retail stores, customers would also like to learn more about the assortment of good provided and their quality before going to the store and buying the product. This is a chance to sell those goods, remaining at the warehouse and occupying an expensive space there. Of course, these processes cannot go unnoticed, especially for the personnel, which also need to be revised because a successful seller is one of the constituents of good sales and revenues. These short-time changes may seem not very significant; however, the results will be extremely persuasive of the fact that the organization is moving into the right direction.

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Establishment of on-line sales will be considered a long-term and large-scale change, as it demands good shipment services, proper and responsible personnel taking care of all the on-line orders and their in-time delivery, especially if we speak about fish and other aquarium inhabitants. At the same time, the retailing stores should not be left out of attention as the improvements of service in there also adds to general course of changes. In addition to the revision of staff, it is advisable to replace managers and executives that fail to comply with the new demands related to the renovations implemented in the company. All these large-scale changes demand a lot of effort and investments. However, the results are expected to be enormous. To save the company from drowning, one should carefully analyze the existing threats and evaluate the risk, hence, take measures to prevent it. Of course, it is necessary to set goals for the employees in order to make them want a result (Susman, Jansen, & Michael, 2006). If the staff is familiar with the chance to get bonuses and some rewards for good job performance, this will also trigger an increased desire to work and reach successful results.

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The changes within the company will lead to consequences for the work of the employees on all levels including the managers, executives and the workers of the lower level. The short-term changes would lead to implementation of new trainings and instructions about the updates in the company work. The long-term changes would lead to hiring the new workers and firing the old ones, especially on the executive level. The main reason for that is that the long-term changes demand not only special technology-related skills, but also a different approach to business and working process control. Hence, the managers with online business experience will be hired.

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