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Leadership Self-Awareness

1. Susan is not right. If she is determined to use her strengths, it is not enough just to leave everything and not to change anything. She should use her emotional intelligence to manage her strengths (Komives, Lucas & McMahon, 2013). It is necessary to focus on the personal skills and to develop them in order to improve the quality of work and succeed in life. If the strengths are determined, the person should focus on them (Seligman, 2009). Thus, Susan should improve her humor and teamwork to use them at work more and achieve her goals. For example, as a good sense of humor is one of her skills, she should refer to it when she communicates with her colleagues. It will help her to find a common ground with them and motivate them to share tasks with Susan. Thus, humor can help to improve cooperation with the colleagues at work and increase productivity. Moreover, humor can help Susan in personal life. For example, if she makes the mistakes, she should analyze with humor. It will help not to focus on failures, but it will inspire her to continue working on the development. Teamwork can be improved because it is important for the quality of work and better results.

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2. The elements of emotional intelligence are self-awareness, social competence, and management (Tearle, 2014). Harold’s emotional intelligence (EQ) could characterize the skills based on the different elements of EQ. Thus, his self-awareness is good, but his social awareness, self-management, and relationship management are not developed. His self-awareness is high because Harold clearly recognizes his feelings and emotions and how they affect his thoughts and actions. He is self-confident and tries to reach his goals – to be promoted and to become a CEO. Harold’s social awareness is low because he does not seem to recognize the emotions of the employees whom he supervises. As a result, he does not focus on their interests and does not let the employees benefits from their work. The self-management of Harold is lame because he is not able to control his emotions. Obviously, he wants to be promoted, thus, he focuses only on those desires, but he does not respect the interests of others. Finally, Harold’s relationship management is not good also because he is not able to manage the emotions and feelings of his followers efficiently. As a result, he cannot build good relations with them (Help Guide, n.d.). Harold does not want to know what they want. The main priority is his own goals but not the goals of his followers.

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3. Carl’s emotional intelligence skills are based on the different elements. In fact, his self-awareness, social awareness, and relationship management are well-developed, but his self-management is not good (Help Guide, n.d.). Carl’s self-awareness is high because he understands what emotions he has. Clearly, his emotions correspond to his work. Social awareness is relatively good because Carl understands his employees well. He is able to feel their emotions and goals. Moreover, he is very attentive to them. As a result, his performance concentrates on the well-being of his employees. Carl is good at the relationship management because he supports healthy relationships with his colleagues. Thus, it means that he can manage the emotions, feelings, and goals of others. He controls their emotions in order to make the organization more successful. Though, Carl’s self-management is low because he cannot define his own emotions properly. The situation is so difficult that he cannot work when there are troubles in the organization. For example, when profits decrease, he does not know how to react. Thus, Carl’s failure to manage own emotions leads to the failure to maintain the organization.

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