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Human Recourses Management at Goggle Inc.

Modern organizations that develop in conditions of a fast-growing economic environment and high level of competition try to do their best in order to manage their employees effectively. Employees have always been the most valuable asset of any company; therefore, the human resources professionals play a key role in the implementation of strategies responsible for the companies’ positive development and changes. Thereafter, the objective of the following paper is to look into Google Inc. and analyze its human resources management practices in order to see the strengths and areas requiring improvements.

One of the top businesses in the list of the best companies to work for in America is Google Inc. It has won numerous employees’ choice awards for many years in a row. Google has the strongest and the biggest brand name in the world and its corporate culture is built on trust, mutual respect, low interest in politics, and much focus on people. The company offers good salaries and luxury offices, as well as remuneration packages, but the company has definitely other valuable factors that make it even more attractive to the employees.

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The objective of any HR department is to make sure that employees are engaged and motivated, and Google Inc. is not an exception. The recruitment process is the first stage of the HR process in the company. Google receives more than 100 resumes every day as they really promise to make the place of work the second home. The key objective of this company is to hire the right people for the right position. The middle age of employment is 27, which means that the company wants to get the best of the young people and help them grow professionally. Moreover, the statistical data show very low numbers in the retention and turnover rates, and Y generation that is likely to look for different jobs more often than the others are, also remains working at Google Inc.

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The workers of this company are offered a tremendous opportunity to grow and develop. Google Inc. offers classes and trainings for teams and individuals on presentation skills, business writing, delivering feedback, management/leadership, and executive speaking, among many others issues. Moreover, the company provides free classes of learning foreign languages. At Google, particular attention is given to engineering and a special engineering training group has been created. Google Inc. has certain mandatory trainings and it focuses much on the development of the future leaders.

Company has good benefits that include unlimited sick leave, 27 days of paid vacations (if the worker has been employed for over a year), medical and dental services, car wash, free food, banking centers, and other advantages. Moreover, all managers and employees take part in the decision-making processes. Google understands that some people might be shy in expressing their opinions that is why the company offers web communications, blogging, discreet feedback options, and other opportunities (Gupta, 2009).

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Despite the high level of satisfaction among employees, Google did not stop there but reinvented HR in 2013 with the help of analytics. It has introduced a new people management system based on greatness. Google has decided to focus on the top 10 management practices related to the leadership development, PiLab ( platform that conducts research on the best management practices), diversity improvement, effective hiring algorithm, top performance value calculation, diversity, and learning, among many other points (Sullivan, 2013).

However, every company has its own problems and HR practices at Google had experienced certain pitfalls as well. Back in 2002, the company faced a dilemma related to the question whether Google needed managers as a flat structure or communication between engineers might be enough. Therefore, it turned out to be impossible, as minor conflicts, such as misunderstanding between the coworkers, were not solved. The years have passed and today, Google hiring practices are focused on recruiting the best of the best young individuals, another issue has arisen. Many young talented engineers did not value management. The problem was solved with the help of analytical involvement. It suggested elimination of the simple reporting structure (Garvin, 2013). HR professionals are the one responsible for the implementation of the aforementioned change.

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In 2009, Google experienced a problem of brain drain: the best workers just left the company to get a job somewhere else. Google used a very smart approach and turned to numbers. They have decided to find out a root cause and made research on the reason of why employees felt underestimated and left. The data showed that the workers did not see that their efforts were that valuable as it used to be at the beginning, when a company was just maturing. Google Inc. also did not put many efforts into career planning and HR department looked at those issues from a rather impersonal perspective (Drjim, 2009). This problem is the one that the company’s HR should have noticed and dealt with the help of initiating regular coaching and feedback sessions. Workers did not feel engaged, and engagement might come through understanding of employees’ personal influence on the consumer satisfaction. Moreover, HR must encourage open communication and develop employees’ ability to speak freely about what they want to improve in their working environment. The satisfaction of employees is directly connected to the satisfaction of customers, financial performance, and other key figures of the organization (Chi, Gursoy, 2008).

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