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Numerous studies have been conducted in relation to Information Management and its correlation with digital firms within the globe. Information Management (IM) implies the collection and management of data from various sources, as well as securing, maintaining, and distributing that data among one or more audiences. Due to the vastly spread technology, information management concatenates within technology. The organizations that use technology networks within their main business relating to employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders are embraced to become digital firms. For an organization to support complex business functions and services, the chain supply system formulated in a digital way is required.

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Economic commerce (e-commerce), being one of the concepts related to the information management performs within a digital framework. The organization using the above concept trades its products through computer networks, whether it is buying and selling its goods or services. Some of the technologies drawn from e-commerce are the supply chain management, internet marketing, electronic data interchange, and mobile commerce (Gupta, 2000). It identified four segments of e-commerce, which include business-to-consumer, business-to-business, consumer-to-consumer segments and mobile commerce. He moves ahead pointing out that the information management is central to people, technology, organization, business challenges and business solutions.

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E-commerce has different forms of paying for products that do not require the cash exchange situations in different currencies. Commodities are purchased through digital credit card payments systems, digital wallets, and the accumulated balance digital payment systems.

The individuals and the company have an ability to transact business opportunities at any duration of time, and from any geographical location. It happens so rapidly and at a reasonable cost (Bingi, Mir, & Khamalah, 2000). It is claimed that the wide popularity of the digital implementation in the firm and the use of the internet technology systems in digital business processes have been of the high benefit to the electronic commerce business. The services are always available for the customers twenty-four hours a day and create outlets that are attractive to the customers who can not patronize. Required information about the product is always on the stand by at any e-commerce website hence the shopper can access it at any given time. The website, designed by web designers, should have an eye-catching design to be appealing to the eyes of the customers preferring online shopping.

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Electronic commerce is growing due to the new positive ideologies of technologies in societies. Different companies have implemented digital systems and computer software which has helped to implement smooth policies in regard to their customers, so as to be competitive in the market. Being cheaper to both the consumer and retailer is another advantage of the system. This is due to the possibility of the direct sales over the internet focusing on disintermediation and renter mediation. Internet technology is much cheaper than building enterprise systems, which take elongated time resulting in time wastage. For it to be achievable, one only needs a web designer and software package. Limited space or offices are to be in place. For a smaller business, the owner does not need many employees since information conveyed on the company’s website can be easily reached by the consumers and feedbacks to be conveyed back by using the same channel of information (“Distribution dilemmas”, 2000).

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E-commerce reduces costs of information distribution. It is workable through the internet system compared to paper works done manually. Furthermore, it also shapes the digital delivery of products. At the click of button, music is downloaded along with e-books, home printing is improved and the information surveyed is gathered so that the music business is already in e-distribution, and is in turmoil as a result. In 1999, a new release of music from the public enemy became the first commercial piece of music distributed over the internet before appearing recorded in shops; it points out that the technological trends are provoking the society to create a new business environment (Hinchcliffe, Kim, & Dachis, 2012)

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Promotion of collaborative commerce happened to be a new experience in social platform of internet economic commerce. Among group shoppers, e-commerce business retailers have an opportunity to create good communication systems to engage smoothly with consumers. Conversation rates are in systems to enable collaborative idea sharing and smooth conversations on their websites to move shoppers from considerations to purchase. The work plan of an e-commerce provides retailers with exclusive business ideologies and structures that instigate to differentiate between the influencers, advocates, and traditional shoppers. Internet, practically designed to be a social network system for human beings, took a major trend in becoming a home site for business. Facebook and Twitter has been on the leading trend of the social networks in many states. Change is taking place since e-commerce is also trending on social network and has many subscribers, apart from the social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. If online retailers are interested in achieving effective business relations with customers, they must meet the interests of the buyers.

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This type of information management in a digital firm can also be a critique in a variety of ways. Economic, technical, social and legal issues are some of the problems faced by this system. Lack of legal framework governing neither the consumers nor the retailers, makes the participants scared of fraudsters. Skill shortage within the society limits the progressive information management in a digital firm especially in the developing countries. Insecurity is also a challenge. A good example is that neither insurance nor warranty can be of any help once the goods are in the hands of the purchaser. Poor legal validity of goods to be in purchase worries the consumers. Product might not be in its original state or shape being not favorable to the consumers.

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