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Changes in Organization's Work Procedure and Management System Caused by Today's Global Environments


Management system and organizations’ work procedure need continuous improving and development because of constant demands increasing connected with changes in today’s global environment. The main aim of organizations is economical growth that depends on efficient work of managers, and adaptation to the new customers’ demands. A managing system in a new competitive global environment faces a number of challenges, especially in international companies. The organizations should immediately react to the emerging markets’ needs and correspond to the new global changes. 

Necessary Actions of Organizations to Correspond the Today’s Global Environments

Worldwide organizations need to permanently analyze the environment for success and further flourishing. They should scan the environment with the aim of identifying new trends and potential developments, monitoring and upgrading different directions. Aguilar represented four models of gathering the scanning information (Aguilar 1967). Undirected view comprises reading of different information. Conditioned viewing is basing on responding of the gathered information to the needs of the organization. Informal searching is basing on seeking necessary information in an unstructured way. Formal searching is basing on the use of formal methodologies for gathering information for a definite purpose. With the aim of adapting to the today’s global environment, organizations use strategic management that helps to create a favorable future (Westney 2011). The organizations also need active communication with their stakeholders for making common vision on the prosperous reality. Strategic management also implies the constant work on the quality improvement. Plans and projects elaborated by the organization should be a blueprint for daily activities. External analysis is also very important for successful work of organizations. They should focus on the analysis of threats and opportunities of external changes, and keep abreast of the time and technologies. Active scanning is basing on learning information about social areas, new technologies, and environment. Environmental scanning is also very important for viewing contemporary worldwide changes. The organizations should monitor all changes in the macro-environment and make adjustments due to the new tendencies (Conway et al. 2012). The main goal of monitoring is to combine sufficient data for evaluation the past and future trends and evaluation of indicator’s importance and its influence on the potential result.

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Respond of Organization for the Changes

a) Respond to the Environment Situation

Year by year, people begin to ponder on more prosperity of future generations and support of the environment. The initiators organize different communities and groups, which make investigations and elaborate many projects concerning countries developing and improving the global environment. For example, the Global Environment Facility (GEF) unites more than 150 countries in partnership with private sector and international institutions to work on the global environment issues (Vasi 2007). The GEF provides grants for different projects, which concern climate change, land degradation, and the ozone layer. Environment sustainability strategy is employed in multiple organizations. They use patented projects in their work with the aim of environment pollution reduction (Fernández-Aráoz 2007). For example, agriculture organizations implement procedures for new natural processes implementation with the aim of wastes reduction and prevention of damage to the natural system. Contemporary agricultural organizations work on the food production that is not contaminant with synthetically compound fertilizers and growth regulators. They apply every effort in order to optimize natural pest control activity with the aim of soil fertility maintaining (Brown, Slavin & Postel 1991). Agricultural organizations propose farmers to use sustainable agricultural practice in the products from their farms.

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Organizations that work in the building industry also make many changes in their work procedures for environment improving. There were elaborated many efficient building projects and methods for reduction of energy use and resources consumption. Some building organizations reduced production of waste by 60% without value shortening (Stokke et al. 1991). Various natural resources are used for production of building materials and manufacturing products. It is very important to limit the use of resources with the aim to preserve a natural environment. Efficient use of construction materials and elaboration of new economy methods provides sustainable practice. Thus, organizations use healthy building materials with the aim of environment improving and have an active practice in reconstruction of buildings with the use of sustainable technologies.

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Sustainable business organizations also take part in environment improving. They control manufacture activities and correspondence of processes to the environmental concerns, and simultaneously take care about profit retaining. The main goal of many organizations is sustainability integration and contribution to the movement of socially responsible business (Wexler & Kolk 2011). Besides, a lot of organizations use sustainability projects in their work with the aim of paying simplified taxes.

b) Respond of Organizations to the Lack of Qualified Specialists

The organizations should constantly develop with the aim of profit increasing and satisfaction of customer’s needs due to the growing global environment demands. Nevertheless, companies very often face with a lack of good specialists and managers that are necessary for prosperity of the organization. Dire necessity of partnership between educational institutions and organizations of corresponding industries is evident. To date, many graduates have low-level skills that do not satisfy organizations.

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There is lack of coherent model and practical skills trainings that do not give relevant skills for labor market. Many educational institutions cannot provide students with adequate and contemporary equipment; facilities and laboratories are usually out-of-date and very rarely used in real life industries. Thus, many organizations collaborate with educational institutions with the aim to adapt to the today’s global environment demands and attract highly qualified specialist.

For example, Gloucester County College (GCC) in Sewell, New Jersey, has been collaborating with Labrea Bakery since 2006 (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organizations 2004). This company is one of the largest and produces very tasty bread. Students have the opportunity to visit the bakery and get to know its structure closer, gain insights into the company, have the possibility to ask its workers for advises, participate in a dialogue with senior managers, and have practice in using a new equipment. Many other productive programs have been carried out in Austria, Canada, Germany, and the United States. For reaching better results, governments and organizations of many countries elaborate special preparations for students of technical educational institutions. Graduates should go through practical training in definite chosen careers through Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES). The main aim of the program is enhancing of graduates’ knowledge in their future occupation and preparation of good specialists. (Rauner & McLean 2008).

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Many organizations establish training centers that give an opportunity to students to acquire real work experience. These training centers are well equipped, have special laboratories and modern appliances. Many leading companies, like Target, Goldman Sachs, and Macy’s have innovative training programs, which are used by graduates (Rauner & McLean 2008). The organizations use their own costs for training. Very interesting way of trainings used Deltek. This is a leading global provider of software. This company delivers virtual trainings. Such kind of trainings is very cheap, and one leading specialist can share his/her knowledge online with several educational institutions. 

Managing People in Global Business Environment

Number of new technologies, innovations, and demands of people increases rapidly with every year. Organizations should keep up with the time, continuously develop, and use innovations due to the demands of customers. Some of them try to increase their power and expand the presence at the global market. Of course, growth of companies’ scale causes new hiring and developing of global approach to the managing system (Kerr 2014). Global expansion makes companies face many challenges. Management system of international companies should be thoroughly elaborated because every country has peculiar labor laws, policies toward workers, and leadership styles. Managing people in the global business environment should not base on benign cultural or economical preferences. Managing system requires highly qualified specialist for every local branch, which will have direct communication with the head office (Sheffield Hallam University 2015). The local manager should have a deep and clear look at the market of the country, where he/she works and apply every effort in order to create the best possible brand management. Highly qualified manager is necessary for the company that has long term globalization objectives. The company should also pay great attention to the clear job grading and payment formula for the staff, which performs the same work in different countries (IMD 2007). The majority of multinational executives use management structure that comprises some benefits of global policies from the one side, and local pertinence from the other. In other words, management strategy should base on either local or global approach. For example, practice of Diageo Premium Beverages Company, which has offices in 80 countries, represents continuous evaluations of market growth opportunities. The purpose of the company is redesigning of the HR operating model and making it more flexible for adaptation to the local needs and customers’ requirements. Diageo has two centers in Europe and in America, which provide virtual hubs for companies’ hub and spoke model (Morrison & Wilson 2009). Thus, Diageo’s services can be provided faster to the employees of the company, not depending on the branch location. These centers also provide protection of the navigate data, privacy laws, and a new electronic filing system of employees.

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One of the prominent aspects of managing people in the global business environment is encouraging employees for development and innovations at the local level. Local manager can better understand customer’s preferences and tastes within the definite market. The structure should be redesigned in the way of putting more responsibility for decision making in the hands of a local manager. Thus, development of managers is also very crucial issue. The manager should be exposed to the culture of the country, where he works, and receive trainings in global management.

Managing Complexity in Global Organizations

Globalization makes boundaries fade out in such spheres as capital, knowledge, and trade. Many organizations that are focusing on the international development identify benefits of globalization due to their needs. With the aim of benefits increasing and work improving they apply to the management complexity that is a core competency of high rank executives. Global organizations are facing multiple challenges that concern outside and inside challenges of organizations. Inside challenges include financial issues, business models, and HR management. Outside challenges involve identification and work with customer needs, cultural values, and work with investors. Managing complexity is basing on the work with both inside and outside challenges (Gottfredson & Rigby 2009). Interdependence is also one of the prominent aspects represented in the managing complexity. However, managing complexity should not have too complicated structure. Many organizations became more successful after simplifying their management structure making it more clear and effective (Rowe & Bansal 2013). There are several important issues, around which organizations should simplify: main processes, values, leadership, and purposes. Work of a manager will be much more efficient, if he/she understands the company’s complexity and its core issues. The most efficient management was identified in organizations, which have no more than three or four values. Accurately identified core values help the managers to set the appropriate goals and achieve them. When managers are facing a complexity they should identify further action and elaborate an appropriate plan for achieving success. Managing complexity also includes communication on all levels and understanding the role of every employee. Constant communication is a management survival tool for organizations that help to keep up the situation and timely update the process (Gardside & Griciolli 2015).

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Global changes need constant improving of organization’s economical growth. Great concurrency encourages organizations to constantly upgrade the management system and study customers’ needs. Sustainability organizations use new projects and strategies, which provide them with cultural and economical benefits. International collaboration and affiliated branches spreading in many countries create the need of highly qualified specialists, who can efficiently manage local companies. With the aim of attraction good specialists, organizations develop relations with educational institutions and propose students to improve practical skills on their modern equipment. Analyzing the work of organizations it is obvious that organizations should make every effort not to fade out from the market.

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