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Wuthering Heights

Heathcliff and Lockwood are two characters of the novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. These men may be identified with each other at first glance, but later it becomes clear that they are set against each other. The author uses compelling comparisons to describe these characters. With the help of specific methods Bronte shows differences between the heroes.

The novel Wuthering Heights has epistolary structure, which means that everything is depicted through the diary entrances of Lockwood. Such a detail emphasizes the contrast as Lockwood shares his opinions of Heathcliff. Lockwood seems to be absolutely opposite to Heathcliff. The latter is depicted as a real gentleman and solitary neighbor that Lockwood will never be concerned with (Bronte 2, 6). On the other side, Lockwood is a good model of that day modern cultivated society. Most of Lockwood’s actions are at odds with Heathcliff’s. Heathcliff gives Lockwood a nod as the first answer (2). It shows that Heathcliff is a misanthropist. As a matter of fact, readers believe in it more and more as Heathcliff never speaks. He usually growls, grins and never smiles (8, 10, 41, 179).

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On the other side, the novel does not provide any personal information about Lockwood. That is why it is possible to compare the hero only through the evaluation of his actions. Heathcliff always limits his words while addressing others. Lockwood, by contrast, voices his sentiments abundantly to almost everyone. Lockwood’s speech is effusive compared to Heathcliff’s eloquence. These two characters are similar in the fact that they never express their love to others verbally, only through the gestures (7). And as a matter of fact, Heathcliff and Lockwood gained the reputation of heartless men (7). However, when Lockwood is away from Heathcliff, he cannot forget about him (95). At the same time, Heathcliff also expresses unexpected sympathy with Lockwood. It is obvious when he visits Lockwood during the illness. They were just sitting and talking for a long time (143).

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Generally speaking, Lockwood seems to be a reflection or rather intimation of Heathcliff. However, it is depicted in a comic and exaggerated way. As a matter of fact, when Lockwood met Heathcliff for the first time, he believed that they both have something in common. However, the latter did not welcome Lockwood and he understood that Heathcliff is savage. Later, Lockwood’s impression changes, and readers express more sympathy with Heathcliff because of Lockwood’s words. Lockwood noticed all the changes that happened to Heathcliff, because the latter actually lost his passion to destruction considering it meaningless (516). The only thing that changed him and brought happiness was love to Catharine. Finally, he figured out is life and became rich.

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