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Rules are normally made to help ensure law and order in the society. Their basic aim is to foster law and order and ensure fairness in the society. When such rules are made in a way that includes the views and the needs of all members of the society, the result is usually loyal and heartfelt compliance and adherence to them. However, when such rules are made in a way that is not inclusive enough e.g. the views and needs of one section of the society are not incorporated, the persons whose views were ignored tend not to identify with the rules or follow such rules half-heartedly. Such a situation eventually leads open defiance of such rules and guidelines. In Harry Porter, a fictional book series, this theme is looked at in details. In the book, the main character, Harry Porter view adults’ monsters since they make rules that cannot protect children. He observes that adults make rules based on their perspective without really consulting with the children, who are major stakeholders in the process of making decisions about relevant issues. The children in Harry Potter’s world feel that the adults make rules that limit the freedom and right to have fun and adventure, which are very important to children. This negative aspect about the adults leads to Harry Potter referring to them as “monsters.”

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According to Harry Potter rules are made to be broken. The book conveys the message that breaking rules is fun and adventurous and it is only wrong when one is caught. Harry Potter breaks rules made by the by adults in his quest for adventure and need to help his friends. This helps him become a hero to his friends and too many other people.

In the beginning of the first book, Harry Potter’s teacher, an adult sets a rule that the class should not ride their brooms. She then rushes out to take an injured student, Neville, to the infirmary. Harry Potter views this as unfair rule set by an adult just to limit their right for adventure. He disobeys the teacher’s rule, grabs a broom and streaks into the sky. He does this to prevent Draco Malfoy from hiding Neville’s hidesake which the former takes and trys to hide it where no one could ever find. Neville, the injured boy, is a good friend of Harry Potter and the rule set by the teacher, if followed by Harry Potter, would lead to loss of his hidesake, something of value to him. According to the excerpt, the teacher just made the rule without inquiring from the students nor seeking their perspective on the rule. This is unfair since the children’s view on the matter was not sought.

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According to Harry Potter, the adult rule of not lying, stealing or cheating is not right. This is because, according to Harry potter, lying, stealing and cheating are not only acceptable but also fun to engage in. Harry potter sees the rule as one which prevents him and his friends from having fun and experiencing life to the fullest. Therefore, he and his friends engages in lying, stealing and cheating as a way of life in various instances e.g. Jim Blake steals apples from a another person’s garden so as to satisfy his desire for apples and also experience the fun of it. The rule does not protect children enough since it only prevent them form experiencing life to the fullest which, according to Harry Potter, can only be achieved by being adventurous and engaging in activities and practices such as lying when it’s convenient, stealing and cheating when necessary.

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Some parents view Harry Potter’s books as instruments of indoctrination having no business in the public school system. The books contain detailed information about witchcraft and casting spells which is connected to Satanism. However, the Bible does not suggest that reading about a fictional character doing these things is detestable in the eyes of God (Nathan 414). Harry Potter sees the requirement by adults that children should keep off from casting of spells and performing magic only keeps the children from the excitement that such practice brings. He sees this as unfair as it keeps the children from experiencing the fun that such things bring. He and his friends therefore breaks this rule and seek knowledge about casting of spells and magic. Their disobedience is despite the adults’ good intention to keep them away from the harm that spells and magic can cause. The justification for the rule by adults is strong enough but Harry Potter and his friends’ desire for adventure and new knowledge causes them to view the rule as unfair and monstrous as it stands in the way to fulfillment of their curiosity and fun.

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According to the adults, disobedience is a very serious wrong that deserves punishment. However, Harry Potter and his friends perceive that disobedience is not a serious wrong unless one gets caught. The Book series bear a theme of disobedience which is conveyed as a good thing so long as one is not caught. This is because it is in disobedience that the children are able to learn more about new things in life. Harry Potter and his friends practice disobedience in many instances which help them engage in exciting undertakings.

The society teaches of forgiveness to those who sin against us. However, Harry Potter bears and upholds a different approach. He upholds that revenge is an acceptable course of action (pp 260-261). Throughout the book, Harry Potter and his friends value revenge against those who offend them at various instances in life. This is in contravention to the adult’s rule of forgiveness. Harry Potter value carrying out revenge against the enemy. Repaying evil for evil help create fear in the offender and therefore prevents any future repeat of the wrong committed. In the book “Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows” Harry Potter has a strong desire to revenge his parent’s death. He seeks to revenge against those who killed his parents as a way of making things even. However, he struggles a lot with the idea of carrying out revenge against his parents’ killers.

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The Harry Potter novels, like other cultural artifacts, work to organize our desires. They teach us what is normal. They make it possible for us to desire what other members of our social categories desire. Among other things, they teach us gender, and they work to organize our sexual desires (Meredith 276). However, adults demand that there should be no sex before marriage and those children should not engage in sex. In the book “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” we see Harry Potter, only 17 years old then, as the lover to Ginny. At one point, Ginny invites Harry Potter into her bedroom and kisses him with Passion. The book states “...and then she was kissing him as she had never kissed him before, and Harry was kissing her back, and it was blissful oblivion, better than Firewhiskey; she was the only real thing in the world, Ginny, the feel of her, one hand at her back and one in her long, sweet-smelling hair” (Rowling 99). The passage shows that Harry and his lover used to engage in pre-marital sex while still young. They derived much pleasure from it and to them it was a source of entertainment and excitement which could only be achieved by breaking the rule set by the adults and the society of their time. This is because such a rule only kept the children, i.e. those nearing the adult age, from enjoying and experiencing something so good.

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In the book “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” Ginny is also positioned as being too free with boys. Her brother, Ron, expresses this concern to her. Her brother sees her as being so sexually free with boys. Her act of inviting Harry Potter into her room and starting kissing him with much passion speaks a lot about her sexual behavior and sexual freeness with boys, despite the fact that she is still young. This behavior is in contravention to the rule of chastity supposed to be observed by girls who are young and not married. This rule was set by the adults. However, Ginny enjoys breaking it due to the excitement and the pleasure she gets in her sexual escapades with Harry. She Ginny is quick to refuse this subject position. She stands her ground, points to the unfairness of a sexual double standard, and declares herself free to act as she pleases (Rowling 25).

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As seen above, the adults are pictured as inconsiderate of the children’s views and needs in making of rules in the society. Actually, they are viewed by Harry Potter as monsters who only make rules that favor them without fully including the interests of children in such rules. Harry Potter, who breaks such rules, is portrayed as a hero for his brave acts in the society and for saving his friends many times. This is despite the fact that such praiseworthy deeds came by his very act of breaking or bending the rules made by adults.

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