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American History

It is a well-known fact that the American people are extremely sensitive to any events that are unfolding in their country. They have always been considered to be the state where individual’s freedom is an overriding priority. According to the American Constitution, the major amendment concerns the right of every American to be treated equally regardless of his or her race, religion, and a kind of occupation. Unfortunately, such laws were not always the case. The issue of racial discrimination, hatred, and inequality concerns every person because people are humans, which is why it is vital to show appreciation of other their values, beliefs, and opinions.

The relations between Japan and America were quite intense and complicated since Japan bombed the Pearl Harbor in Hawaii in 1942. It was the time of the cruel, cold, and violent war. Correspondingly, people, had to come across the hostile attitude and harsh slinks of the eye. During that period, no one really cared about the righteous regard, respect, and sentimental feelings. Right after the Pearl Harbor got to be attacked, the then president of the USA Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered to relocate all Americans with the Japanest

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e roots to relocation camps, which sometimes could be referred as “concentration” camps. People were truly humiliated and offended because they were not only relocated to special camps as true enemies, but also deprived of their primary and core human rights. “We are internees, not prisoners. So now we are “relocated” into a relocation center! Here’s the truth: I am now called non-alien, stripped of my constitutional rights. I am a prisoner in a concentration camp in my own country” (Sato 153).

The American people have a very strong feeling of identity and belonging. In this book, it is evident that the racial problem has never disappeared. Americans treated immigrants very severely taking into account the events that happened. Here arises the question whether they would change their harsh attitude if there was no war between Japan and America. Throughout decades, Americans have claimed that there is nothing more important than people’s freedom, liberty, and fraternity. They are known to constantly stand side by side with their compatriots in order to fight against enemies and evil.

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American ideals and priorities are clearly defined in their Constitution. As for some spiritual and lifelong things, the first item would be the freedom to do anything a person wants. Because America developed as a country of liberties and rights, its citizens do not always show such feeling towards others, especially if they are of different origin:

Hatred escalates. We are scared wherever we go. We are scared even go to school….It is a grim time to grow up as an American with “Japanese blood”, to be eighteen and to be so hated, to no longer know who one’s friends are. The only place one feels accepted is in the Japanese community (Sato 93).

It is paramount to remember that the mankind is consists of humans, which is why everyone has to treat other people with humanity. It is observed in the book that those Americans of the Japanese ancestry possess greater compassion and love to each other. They support and trust each other regardless of the situation they are in. It is also vital to admit that Americans respect the notions of liberty and one’s own freedom only when it concerns people who are of the same origin.

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The world now is a dangerous place. It is full of violence, cruelty, and crime. This happens because people are not kind and loyal to each other. In case of some dramatic situation, people are ready to point at each other with fingers. The same case is presented in the book. Americans showed loyalty and tolerance, but once they were attacked, they immediately changed the play.

Sometimes, it is hard to perceive such things because the USA is the multicultural society, and it contains a vast number of nationalities. Today, it is next to impossible to recall the events when American citizens of different nationalities were seen in serious contradictions, disagreements, or conflicts. They are the whole nation, which stands united, strong, and independent whenever there is an outside threat. The events where Japanese people had to be sent to concentration camps could be regarded as heavy times where the dignity of Americans was touched.

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Probably every country would address such situation in the same way if it would appear to be put in such conditions. Japanese and Americans are to be considered extremely divergent peoples with different cultures. Americans are extroverts who appreciate hard work and devotion to liberty, while Japanese tend to be introverts; they value their own culture so much that sometimes it is hard for them to accept the cultural code of another state. Although, it is of paramount importance to never express hatred and cruelty regardless of what happened. Racial inequality will always be a controversial issue, which is why it demands a new unique approach. It was obvious that hatred and violence could never be the proper tools for resolving troubling problems. Everyone has the right to fight for his or her dreams. When someone strongly attempts to prevent it, it is the biggest crime he or she can commit.

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In conclusion, people have to love each other and provide support when it comes to conflicts and war. Kindness, tolerance, and compassion are the most effective tools to fight back racial discrimination, nations’ inequality, terror, and evil politics’ power.

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