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Wild Animals

General Topic

It is not ethical and safe at all for individuals to own wild animals due to safety issues involved in keeping them. Selling wild animals for profit or keeping them as “pets” is a very risky activity that endangers the lives of the individuals involved.

Narrowed Subject

Keeping wild animals as “pets” can inflict more serious injuries to an individual, spread diseases to human beings starting with those individuals keeping or selling them, and last but not least can cause death. The wild animals tend to grow larger and stronger compared to other animals kept as pets. They become more dangerous and are most of them time unpredictable (Fa, et al, 2011).

Why the Topic?

The reason for choosing this topic is to inform my readers and public at large, the dangers involved with keeping these animals or selling them for profits. The animals are not meant to be kept in our homes and this not only exposes them to dangers, but also to friends and family of people keeping them. The readers will acquaint themselves with knowledge of specialized treatments required while keeping these wild animals and dangers involved in engaging in this activity. The readers can share this information with people who intends or have been keeping or selling wild animals for profits. Ignorant is not an excuse and this paper try to pass the useful information to avoid issues involved with this risky activity (Fa, et al, 2011).

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Human life is much more important and for this reason, there is no need to expose themselves in dangers that may lead to life loss. Wild animals can cause death to human beings because they take a long time to be fully domesticated. These animals in a state of confusion can do anything to protect themselves. This can lead to serious injuries, if not death, to anyone around these animals.

Wild animals are meant to stay in their natural habitat. They belong there and in fact they do better there. Bringing these animals to our homes threatens their survival. They find it hard to adjust to their new environment and at times, most people who keep them do not seem to understand this issue. The captured environment affects these animals largely. Human interference makes wild animals not to be self-sufficient. They behave in a manner that does not make them suitable to be kept as pets. This is one reason that endangers the lives of people keeping them. These animals are unpredictable and anything, better- which is rare or worse, can be expected.

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The animals` demand is more compared to other pets such as dogs or cats (Council of Europe, 2006). They require special treatment which cost a lot. Their care and housing will cost more pennies compared to normal pets. The care of these animals also requires considerable expertise which fewer people have. Most people who keep them may not continue providing for them because of the finance issue. The dedication to these animals is life-long. Not many individuals are willing to domesticate these animals for the rest of their lives. Domestication can take more than a century and going by the life expectancy of many countries in the world, these animals may not be fully domesticated by a single person.  

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These few reasons make it not favorable to participate in selling wild animals for profit and keeping them as pets. They pose more dangers to not only the keeper`s but also to friends and family members. No one wants to lose his or her life because of an issue that they already now know. Assumptions can be very perilous. Therefore, it is unethical for human beings to own wild animals. 

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