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Question 1

Play influences the development of children because it enables them to use creativity to develop their imagination and physical prowess. Play enables children to learn and interact with the world around them because it allows them to practice different roles, and some of these activities children undertake may include acting as adults to solve particular problems (Goncu & Gaskins, 2012). This enables children to master the environment that they are living in, develop new skills and competencies that will allow them to face future challenges, and take advantage of new opportunities.  

When children are allowed to initiate their own play, they are able to discover their talents and areas of interest that they might pursue in the future. In their turn, adults may take advantage of these newfound skills, and help children to develop them further (Trawick-Smith, 2013). To efficiently understand these skills and help children to develop them, adults can guide children during the time when they are playing. This is because adults can design the rules that would control the play with the intention of helping children to develop their abilities. With these rules, adults are able to regulate the manner in which children play, ensuring that they manage to utilize their skills, hence accelerating their development.    

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Question 2

The relationships a child develops with teachers and caregivers through play influences the trajectory of a child’s development. When a teacher observes their students while playing, they are able to have an opportunity to see the world from the point of view of a child. This is because during the moment of play, a child is able to create an environment that fits his needs, and navigate through it (Goncu & Gaskins, 2012). From this scenario, a teacher will manage to identify the various needs of a child, reflect upon them, and come up with programs that will enable a teacher to meet the needs of the particular child.

This includes cognitive, physical, and emotional development of a child. Teachers also interact with students during playtime, and such interactions help to build an enduring relationship between them and children (Lillard et al., 2013). As a result, teachers have the opportunity to reflect on the world of their students, learning how to efficiently communicate with them, hence designing methods that are efficient in guiding these children in their studies. Therefore, it is important to denote that play provides teachers with an opportunity to engage with children and develop programs that will meet their needs. 

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Question 3

Most parents usually want to be involved in the learning activities of their children. Because of this desire, they normally seek to establish a productive communication with teachers. Teachers can efficiently engage parents in the learning activities of their children through play. For example, a teacher can develop physical activities and programs that will enable parents to participate in them (Brilli, Del Boca, & Pronzato, 2013). Teachers and the school administration may design special retreats for the interaction between children and parents. During these retreats, parents can be allowed to engage in physical activities with their children, hence helping in the identification of the children’s talents and informing teachers of the best methods that can be used to help children improve their skills.

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Furthermore, parents can play together with their children against teachers. For example, a school may organize a football match, during which teachers can play against parents (Brilli, Del Boca, & Pronzato, 2013). This will help to create a strong relationship between teachers and parents, which may enable them to design strategies that can help children improve in their academic work. Therefore, play is important to parents and teachers because it helps improve their relationships and create a positive emotional bond between parents and children.

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