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Campaign Rhetoric

The Starbucks’s lines of seasonal offerings campaign aim at popularizing Starbucks’s seasonal products to increase sales and the customer base. In these campaigns, the company utilizes three rhetorical elements. They include logos (the logic persuasion of the product superiority and utility), pathos (the appeal to audience’s emotion), and ethos (the credibility of the authors to influence the audience). The effective use of the rhetorical elements makes the campaigns considerably successful. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the Starbucks’s seasonal offerings campaign to see how well it has utilized the rhetorical campaign elements.

Starbucks as a communicator focuses mostly on new customers as a targeted group. It directs the message to people who have never used the products and lures them to try them out. As a result, the purpose of the campaign is to make the product known to potential customers. For that reason, it is inevitable to present the product in all possible ways, which will attract the potential client to buy the product. The message in the campaign makes interested parties hurry while stocks last. That marketing strategy presupposes high sales at all times since people are always eager to try new products. The context of the campaign is timely because it starts during the season when the products are about to be on sale. The use of rhetorical elements in the Starbucks’s campaigns occurs both in the word description and the pictorial representation. In particular, the use of images alongside word descriptions is a way of attracting clients’ attention to real products. A pictorial representation adds weight to the campaign since the customers can easily remember some images of the best products.

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First, the company uses ethos – a rhetorical device, which presents hyperbole in the campaign (Deighton 433). Starbucks exhibits experience when it says “You’ll celebrate when they arrive, and you’ll miss them when they’re gone” ("Seasonal Favorites"). This statement tells the clients that the company has seen it happen repeatedly, which makes customers trust this judgment. This claim also arouses a feeling that products presented are beyond imaginable. Creating this notion in the minds of clients makes them curious about the quality of the products and eager to taste them. Besides this statement in the campaign line, Starbucks pays much attention to the connotation meaning and the power of words. Particularly, the choice of every word in the description suits the purpose and context of the campaign. Therefore, customers only understand the meaning which the company intends to convey. Using short, precise word descriptions as an accompaniment to the images makes the campaign to the point. Every word in the campaign line carries much weight. Such skillful writing tells the audience that the company is confident and its information is trustworthy.

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Second, the use of logos, which incorporates the motif, is amazing. A motif is the repeated presence of the product facts. Notably, the pictures that appear in the campaign are factual (Deighton 434). In other words, they seem to present the facts about the products’ superior quality. The audience is convinced that the products are of the same quality and tasty as they appear in the advertisements. Furthermore, these products are seasonal; therefore, emphasizing this fact makes the campaign logical. For example, in the seasonal coffee drinks posts, there are images of the two products, their names, and description, which can verify that they are seasonal, making clients believe that all other information available is reliable ("Seasonal Offerings"). Offering as much verifiable information as possible works in favor of the campaign since clients will believe every other thing.

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Third, the company utilizes pathos, which is the art of knowing the audience due to significant expertise. Starbucks has gained the full appreciation of the needs and desires of the target audience; thus, it knows how to use each rhetorical campaign feature effectively (Deighton 433). Everything that appears in the campaign appeals to the emotions of consumers. The best tool in pathos is the pictorial representation. Pictures are attractive to the eyes and are easily fixed in the brain. Customers eagerly decide to go for some products simply because of the way they appear in photographs. For instance, Starbucks’s seasonal offerings campaign contains pictures of coffee products that are so enticing that make every viewer desire them. If clients are looking for a beverage they see on such a picture, they will definitely go to buy it. In such campaigns, pictures appeal strongly to customers’ emotions. They seem magical because even though the audience may not understand the writings, the picture communicates the message fully. Furthermore, the questionnaire conducted also revealed that customers are more attracted by appealing and colorful images than slogans. They also identified that seasonal offerings arouse the desire to buy new products, which indicates that Starbucks makes an effective and successful use of rhetorical techniques.

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In conclusion, the use of rhetorical campaign aspects in advertisements can yield hundreds of folds if excellence is incorporated. A picture in a campaign can sell or ruin it depending on the way it appeals to the customers and the image it creates of the products. Using words to express logic, motif, the author’s credibility, and hyperbole is important, but pictures should not be underestimated either because they appeal where words cannot. It is not possible to clearly create the image of a product with words the same way pictures do. Pictures provoke the desire of the consumers while words speak to the logic. Therefore, for a campaign to be successful, both words and pictorial represent count equally. The Starbucks’s seasonal offerings campaign lines are successful in passing its message to the target audience. This success is attributable to the word choice, the excellent use of rhetorical features, and superb pictorials.

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