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BUSN621 Assignments Week 3: PDAware Software Company’s Business Plan

With the vast development of marketing tendencies, conducting an efficient business plan has become a matter of paramount importance. For this reason, many companies consider their start-ups very carefully. This paper analyzes PDAware Software Company’s business plan in regards to the structure of the executive summary, proposed offer, business and market planning, financial sphere, and team management.

Regarding all the crucial requirements needed to conduct a sophisticated and accurate executive summary, the example of PDAware Software Company is considered to accomplish this mission. Since the executive summary is perceived as “the doorway to the rest of the plan” (Berry, 2000, p. 153), it should include a brief and interesting outline. The summary sections are as follows: The Company, The Business Model, The Product and Technology, The Industry Environment, The Financial Projection, The Management Team, and The Recourses Requested. They describe the goal of the company, the idea itself, and possible ways of implementing it in the current marketplace, although the strategy points could be stated more clearly. The financial aspect for the next three years is also projected, including the experience of selling the first version of the product, which provides a good perspective for the potential investors. Positions of the team members are stated with the references to their prior work experience. Despite the fact that main points are highlighted, the ownership aspect could have been analyzed at the deeper level.

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The proposed offer includes key elements, but its structure and additional points could be developed better. On the one hand, the company indicates the desired financing regarding carrying out a project for the next three years and the balance sheet as well as profit and loss peculiarities. A brief description of the use of funds is also available as well as the exit strategy. However, the latter could have been more detailed. On the other hand, the company fails to provide some accurate data for offering: “the type of security (e.g., common stock, convertible debentures, debt with warrants, debt plus stock), the unit price, and the total amount of securities to be sold” (Syracuse University, 2011, p. 32). The capitalization is not highlighted as well. Shares, offered by key management personnel and the number of shares that they would hold after the completion of the proposed financing, have not been indicated (Syracuse University, 2011). The structure of the proposed offering is not properly organized, which is quite confusing for a reader.

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The most important marketing issues are marketing planning and strategy. The latter is “the fundamental goal of increasing sales and achieving a sustainable competitive advantage” (Baker, 2008). The company has such advantages as unique PDA wireless interface and options of unlimited customization. No other company can offer the interface described and free customization. The marketing mix contains positioning, pricing, promotion, and distribution that specify distinctive features and the advanced wireless technology as well as the price point, whose avenues would be used to merchandize and sell the product. The marketing plan also plays a crucial role in the developmental process. The company indicates necessary data, but an exact determination of the value of each customer should be pointed out.

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It is recommended to correct the executive summary since it is perceived to be a particular standalone of a business plan. It would be better to insert a more eye-catching design to make it attractive for a reader. Such features as colors, schemes, and graphics may have a beneficial effect on its general look. What is more, it is advisable to develop the structure of business model by incorporating business environment analysis as well as industry background. The proposed offer can be more specific and extended with a precise outline included. Such factors as type of funding and type of security should be mentioned. Marketing strategies, especially pricing of a product, including diverse methods of establishing a price – cost-plus, demand and competitive ones alongside with the usage of modern and formidable strategies would change the entire structure significantly.

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In conclusion, the business plan of PDAware Software Company may be considered as a suitable example. Although some inaccuracies and errors in the structure and content are present, all the crucial issues are underlined and they provide the necessary insight of the general idea.

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