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Advertising Campaign: North Pole Tents

North Pole Tents are products made within the textile industry to help consumers deal with varying climatic conditions. Many companies in the textile industry have concentrated on the production of modern tents, which are meant to replace the previously used traditional textiles. Tents have been used for many years to provide shelter against rain, sunlight or wind for people during public events. The modern North Pole tents have been designed to suit the diverse needs of the consumers and promote efficient use of the product by making it more adaptive to the changing conditions.

This product is in the brand category of textile products that are used all over the world. The entire textile industry has gained fame in the recent past due to the production of the modern product, designed to fit the niche market. Other items produced in the textile industry are textile raw materials, fabrics, yarns and other home furnishings (Harris & Li, 2012). The industry is embracing technological advancement in the recent years in order to make their production processes more efficient and produce higher quality products. The production and marketing of the North Pole tents has experienced tremendous growth due to the availability of niche markets for the products.

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These tents have been designed to create competitive advantage for the company over the other manufactures of textile products. The idea to create such a product was accelerated by the rising need for tents which could suite varying occasions. The products use standard metallic poles and frames that are wide enough to accommodate a large number of people. North Pole tents have been designed to suit the niche market in the sports sector, which is in great need of more suitable sheltering services (Wells, Spence-Stone, Crawford, Moriarty & Mitchell, 2011). The company also focuses on big events such as political rallies and conferences, which may need temporary shelter that is portable and easy to assemble.

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After the evaluation of the unfilled product niche, the producers of the North Pole tents have realized the full potential of the market to support their increasing levels of production. The need for special tents that can accommodate large population has not been filled in the past. Therefore, the company has capitalized on that and focused on the production of large tents that can even be used in sports stadiums (Harris & Li, 2012). Event organizers’ need for high quality tents has been realized by the company, thus leading to adoption of technological advancement to suit the quality of the product. The North Pole tents have been designed with sheets of fabric fixed on the strong metallic poles, which makes them portable from one place to another as they are attached to the ground using these stands.

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The main target audience for the North Pole tents is the Olympic Games and other sporting competitions, which attract a large number of fans. Such events demand the supply of large, high-quality tents that can provide shelter for the multitudes. The expectations of the Olympic Games organizers are to be able to provide quality and safe shelter for the huge numbers of participants and fans. Therefore, the producers of these tents have realized their expectations and designed tents which suit this niche market perfectly (Hand & Middleditch, 2014). Due to the rising demands of this specific market for the company, this product has become very popular in the textile industry, attracting other firms in the industry to design similar products.

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The company has designed modern tents that can be fitted in big stadiums to accommodate a large number of fans. As indicated earlier, the target market is the sporting field, which has shown strong interest in tents in the past. The above image depicts the design of the most current tents, which will be used by the company marketing team to target the niche market. The marketing team has embraced the pull marketing strategy to market this product, because it is focused on selling it in a niche market (Kotler, 2012). The company marketing strategists have selected the sports field as the target audience for the product, hence developing designs that meet the diverse needs of the tents in the entire field.

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The company marketing professionals have identified key rules that make their advertising for the North Pole tents unique compared to other brands. They have focused on designing products that are quite different from those of the competitors in terms of quality, size and durability. This design of tent is made of high quality fabrics that make their functionality and appearance outstanding. Their sizes vary depending on the requirements of different clients, with those in need of large tents being able to acquire such tents (Hand & Middleditch, 2014). In addition, the North Pole tents are very durable and can be fitted in stadiums for quite a long time without any signs of wear and tear. These factors have made the product gain more market share in the niche market.

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The other technique used by the marketing team for this product is the professional approach to the niche market. Generally, the marketing principles require marketers engaging a niche market to focus on various issues. The marketers have closely interacted with the consumers in the target audience with the aim of establishing the demands and expectations of the consumers in order to completely fulfill their requirements (Harris & Li, 2012). Since the success of a new product in a niche market depends on the manner in which it is introduced, North Pole tents have contributed to the recent Olympic Games. This has boosted the reputation of the product by expressing the quality of the design that is able to effectively offer shelter to a large number of fans in the stadium.

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Finally, the marketing professionals in the company have embarked on the analysis of potential competitors who may join the niche market after the product’s unveiling. The company has developed techniques that will make the product remain outstanding in the market by ensuring continuous development of the product to maintain its uniqueness (Wells et al, 2011). The market testing process was initiated during the Olympic Games to establish the receptiveness of the customers in the newly identified niche market. Through such programs, the company is confident about the progressive performance of the product in the market, hence receiving high revenue returns out of the investment.

The North Pole tents advertisement presentation will focus on introducing the product to the niche market and promoting the sales to the target customers (Kotler, 2012). The presentation focuses on various objectives which should be attained at the end of the presentation. The advertisement will outline the theme of the advert, whereby the company is dedicated towards designing and producing quality and durable tents. It will also reveal the target audiences, which in this case are the organizers of sports events, both local and global.

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After identifying the key objectives to focus on, the marketing team will develop the advertisement presentation. Introduction of the product presentation will be done in the first phrase, followed by the agenda of the advert, which will outline the theme of the advertisement. Product description will be made to create awareness among the customers about the distinct features of the product (Shimp & Andrews, 2013). At the end of presentation, the marketers make their closing argument, requesting the target customers to buy the product.

To conclude, the advertising campaign by North Pole Tents will help insert the products into the market. The strategy the company has adopted in enhancing its brand image will increase its consumers. In addition, the advertisement will reach new markets and help to boost the sales of the new tents offered by this company.

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