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Maggie Taylor

Maggie Taylor is an American digital artist who was born in 1961 in Ohio. She promotes a relatively new type of art which includes both taking photos and employing computer graphic programs to create images. Therefore, she is an artist of a new generation who uses modern technology to introduce her masterpieces. Maggie Taylor is an artist who could unite the old traditions with the new graphic opportunities in order to create a new direction in the art.

Maggie Taylor has a BA degree in philosophy and MFA degree in photography. First, she was working as a photographer, but within ten years, when the first Photoshop programs appeared, she started using a computer to create or improve her images (Milani 206). Maggie Taylor has her own approach to the creation of new masterpieces; sometimes she needs months to take photos of water, clouds or strolls. Her methods may be connected with her philosophical perception of the world. She tries to show the pure nature of things and how she views the inner essence of everything that surrounds her. Photoshop programs help her to add specific features that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

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The process of creating a new image is quite durable because it requires the detailed reflection of the object and the imagination the artist uses to introduce her work. Taylor uses the social myths and stereotypes about women, childhood innocence and the ruling nature to create her works (Critical Review: Maggie Taylor at Candela Gallery – “Subject to Change”). For instance, “Woman with a Stone Skirt” is a reflection of a woman and her contribution to the creation of homelike atmosphere. Her skirt includes plenty of small houses which illustrate that the woman is in safety, but she stays lonely. Maggie Taylor uses digital imaging techniques, the 19th century portraits and the daguerreotype frames in her works. The Photoshop tools are one of the major elements because they help to create the images of pigs with wings and a woman whose skin is covered with flowers. Thus, the artist employs Photoshop techniques in order to unite the elements that cannot be found in real life; due to this program, the images look very realistic and natural.

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“Woman with a Stone Skirt” corresponds to the demands of the current culture. Taylor does not introduce something usual or routine; her images are the reflection of another reality, where everything is strange and wonderful. With her work, Taylor wanted to demonstrate the position of a woman in the society, her necessity to be in safety, but, at the same time, to be alone. One can compare her work with Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, where mysterious, unusual, wonderful and sometimes counterintuitive things happen. The current society’s demand of a world that includes mystique and unique combinations was satisfied by Maggie Taylor’s work, which illustrates not the visible world, but the one which exists beyond the people’s visual perception. Her works may appeal to a vast audience; however, those particularly interested in modern art and unique original techniques will especially value her work. In addition, women may be interested in interpreting the image in their own ways.

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Maggie Taylor has combined her photography with the deep philosophical perception of the world. As a result, she introduces the works which reflect the inner nature of things that cannot be viewed, but can be perceived. The usage of modern devices gave the artist an opportunity to combine the different elements in one image and create the work that seems to be from another world, which is full of fantastic and beautiful things. However, Taylor probably does not have a desire to create an alternative world. She wanted to show the real world from her own perspective, so that everyone could see it as she did. Maggie Taylor succeeded in uniting the old artistic methods with modern technology in order to take art to the next level.

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