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Rationality of Abortion

Since recent times, abortion has been a major social problem, which arises hot discussions and numerous controversial arguments concerning its benefits and drawbacks, making it difficult to find the truth. It remains a constantly growing issue in all countries around the globe. This social issue is interesting to me as it plays an essential role in the life of people. Despite the fact that many people claim that abortion is unethical, immoral, and unacceptable, I support it for a number of reasons.

First, parents should be responsible for their children and give them love, education, and everything needed. However, when parents are too young, do not want children, or are not ready to bring up children, it will be a real burden. In such families, children suffer, do their best to survive, and grow up unhappy. It tends to lead to the engagement in the criminal world and may end in suicide. In this case, abortion is a good choice that can prevent numerous misunderstandings and crimes, among others.

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Abortion may affect people in different ways, depending on whether a woman or a family wants to have children. In some cases, for example, disease, rape, or others, abortion is the best possible option. Nevertheless, in this case, abortions influence people in a negative way as it brings suffering and moral pain. However, there are many cases, for example, the lack of desire to bring up children or unintended pregnancy when abortion is associated with positive emotions and a sense of relief.

Research has shown that nearly 49% of pregnancies are unintended and about 40% of them end in abortion (Hinman, 2014, p. 6). In addition, more than half women in the United States experience an unintended pregnancy by the age of 45 (Hinman, 2014, p. 8). These numbers indicate that there is a sense in abortion as it helps people deal with unintended pregnancies. Furthermore, it enables people to live their usual lives and do not care about how to bring up their unwanted children. For example, when a woman becomes pregnant at the age of 55, she is wise enough to decide whether she wants a child or not. Therefore, it means that abortion is the most reasonable choice in case a woman has no desire and possibility to raise children.

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In the modern world that provides the humanity with numerous choices and abilities to make the decisions they want, women have the right to control what is happening with them. Many females treat pregnancy as a drastic alteration of lifestyle. Moreover, this heavy financial responsibility lasts from nine months to the rest of life. Not all people are ready to experience financial difficulties and limit their actions for the sake of children. Therefore, to plan effectively their career and personal life, numerous individuals want to have some guarantee that they will never be forced to take on the responsibility, the risk, or cost of childbirth. Hence, abortion and birth control are the only ways to provide this guarantee. In this case, abortion is the personal choice of people, which should not be neglected.

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Furthermore, for some people, pregnancy is a health risk. To prevent lethal outcomes and numerous complications, health care providers advise them abortion. Hence, abortion prevents women and girls from death during childbirth and pregnancy. In addition, many other health risks appear with pregnancy. For example, some people need transplantations while they are pregnant and it is evident that abortion will not allow them being operated.

Also, abortion can save lives. This statement may even refer to the cases when the state of pregnancy does not directly endanger people’s life. People cannot force a woman to risk her career, personal life, or health, experiencing drastic and painful physical experiences while being pregnant. Pregnancy should be the conscious choice of people who realize the responsibility of being a parent (Doyle, 2014).

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Moreover, abortion prevents people from suffering. Many parents tend to experience emotional, psychical, and financial suffering during and after the childbirth. Their suffering will inevitably influence the child and its healthy development in case it is born. Abortion is a solution for parents who know that their child or children will have an inborn pathology or diseases. Some fetal defects, for instance, anencephaly, bilateral renal agenesis, diseases that influence the mental and physical development of a child in a womb, and others are the direct predictors of abortion. In many cases, people are speaking about death sentences rather than disabilities (Doyle, 2014). There are also conditions when a child will inevitably die within hours or days after birth. Any reasonable person would agree that it is inhumane and senseless to force a woman or a family to endure the painful version of that loss. Therefore, there is no sense to bring the pregnancy to term and make a woman suffer mentally and physically.

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Thus, abortion is inevitable in some cases and people should accept this idea. For some women, it is the only possible solution to avoid emotional and physical suffering and save their life. Scientists come to the agreement that abortion is the best choice in cases that threaten the life of a future mother. In addition, it is the way of escaping from financial burden and responsibility. It is better to make abortion than to make a child undergo unbearable experience. Finally, it is the personal choice of a woman whether to bear a child or not.

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