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Wilfred TV Show

Ryan Newman is the character in the Wilfred show considered an introvert, seen to be much troubled and struggling to know ways around his life. He easily gets nervous, quickly lies and behaves as though he is mentally stable.  When stressed up, he snaps and bottles up his feelings. In his final episode of the Happiness series, it is evident that he suffers mental illness because of being born of two mentally unstable parents. Ryan starts to perceive Wilfred as a source of true happiness. According to Ryan, Wilfred keeps him alive and helps in handling life’s challenges through the rest of his life. It is the attention deficit or hyperactivity disorder, and due to persistent pattern of hyperactivity or inattention, it is an interference of functional development. Personality disorders of being anxious, emotional and fearful are evident here of Ryan, where he gets very temperamental in stressful situations.

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The development of the character’s mental illness starts when he contemplates suicide but survives after getting sugar pills medication instead of the suicidal pills. He meets Wilfred, who becomes a friend and a part of his psyche despite being depicted as a dog. It showed his mind’s manifestation and the inner voice that was trying to get him to a supernatural being. After the death of Wilfred, Ryan still gets him close to guide himself through life.

Ryan dreams that he is in a mental hospital and his friend Wilfred is in a wheelchair. Here doctors try to put him on electroshock therapy, but Wilfred saves him. In the final season, Wilfred reveals to Ryan the main reasons behind his happiness. It is this revelation which disregards the insanity label tagged to Ryan.

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Stanford Prison Study

Discussion Question # 1

From the study, the situations surrounding the guards prevented the development of good guards. They felt helpless to intervene in some situations that warranted bailing out of the prisoners and the involvement of lawyers.  The guards’ fear of degradation and the easiness of standing beside their fellow bad guards contributed to their poor development.  Some of the guards tortured them, than opposing the cruel antics in the prison.

Discussion Question # 2

Set up of a grievance committee was necessary for the prisoners because it was through it that their problems and grievances would receive hearing. Their solidarity in the cells showed that their unity would help them tackle the wage of the guards and possibly get out of the cell wall. Outside help would be long overdue and would most likely fail. In similar situations, the guards would be the first to get in touch with those bringing help to them; hence, they were safer and more likely to effect change themselves.

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Discussion Question # 3

The brutality of the guards would be highly attributed to the freedom they had. They came up with their own rules. For instance, there was use of physical punishment, like in Nazi Concentration Camp. In the camps, the guards stepped on the backs of the prisoners or had prisoners stepped on their fellows’ backs while doing push-ups. Such punishments were more of a disposition than a call of situation.

Discussion Question # 4

It was unethical to conduct this study because the participants were denied freedom, placed in compromising and stressful circumstances of being held in prison for long and isolated from society. Such conditions made the situation in prison intolerable. The arrest of people by the police was dehumanizing and harsh. Most were unaware of what and why that was happening to them and felt helpless with no control over their fate.

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