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Impressions of TED-Lectures

Hans Rosling: The Best Stats You have Ever Seen

In this video, the speaker tries to attract our attention to the topic that is not widely discussed in the scientific communities and, moreover, in media. This topic is world statistics that touches upon the different issues such as fertility rates or economics, its importance and use for different purposes.

Statistics and graphics is a way of successful delivery of information to people. Though almost every citizen of the developed countries has Internet access, society still cannot reach particular data, because it is hidden. I totally agree with such a statement, because it is evident that those who want to find UN statistics often cannot do it because of bad-developed search function.

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Mr. Rosling proposes to change the search function and also link the data to design to make it more interesting. I am sure that it is a good idea, because useful and trustworthy information can be often boring. Design makes it more attractive for people, and Hans Rosling proves this fact with graphics about countries' development that are bright, easily to understand and keep in mind. He gives much information about the historical changes in all regions of the world and makes the story about Western and Third World countries truly entertaining. As for me, students would be more interested in what they learn if teachers gave information in such an entertaining way.

Charles Moore: Seas of Plastic

This speaker talks about the serious issue that I was thinking about even before I watched the video. Seas of plastic – that is how we can call our natural sources of water nowadays. Our basins are overloaded with plastic waste that does not give fish and birds a chance to lead a normal life according to the natural laws. Producing food and beverages in the plastic bottles, people tried to make their daily life easier, but the result is stunning. Only human beings make so much waste in this world.

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During his speech, Charles Moore shows the photos of those seas of plastic and their inhabitants who became the victims of human consumption. Poor albatrosses cannot understand that bottle caps are harmful to their organisms and can lead to death after these birds swallow them. The same problem is noticed with fish that is poisoned by the load of human waste. If we do not stop producing so much plastic bottles and other plastic stuff, we will face even more problems with ecology and health in the nearest future. That is why I am sure that questions of recycling and re-use should be topical in schools and colleges to teach young people how to care about the environment.

Willie Smits: How to Restore a Rainforest

The destruction of rainforests in Indonesia is a serious ecological problem for people living there. As far as I know, Greenpeace started to talk about it making a video “Onslaught(er)” parallel to the Dove advertising “Onslaught”. This company uses palm oil to manufacture its own products, and the palm oil comes from the wood-felling in Indonesia. Therefore, Greenpeace tried to highlight that the care of nature must be more important than beauty industry. Logically, the video of Willie Smits is the second video about Indonesian problem I have seen.

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As a biologist, Willie Smits does not only tell about the significance of saving rainforests but also proposes a solution. He tells about the experience of recreation of sugar palms, planting trees, and monitoring how the process goes on. What he does is a truly big deal, because it is the care not only about trees but also chimpanzees and other inhabitants of the forests as well as people whose daily life can also be problematic without usual environment. However, many people still do not know about this issue, and I think that media should talk about it to let people know that their beauty products are often manufactured at the cost of the suffering of other living creatures.

Pavan Sukhdev: Put a Value on Nature!

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This video seems to be a logical completion of the group of four videos I have watched, because all of them are somehow connected with world problems and ecology. In his turn, Pavan Sukhdev calls people to be conscious about their consumption and everyday actions, because everything we do is reflected on the world we are living in. He claims that there is a phenomenon of economic invisibility of nature according to the fact that people are used to know the prices of products but not the values of natural sources.

Therefore, Mr. Sukhdev declares that we should recognize the natural capital as something really valuable, because it can be too late. Comparing with 1970, there is a visible decrease among species; the situation might be totally tragic in 2050 if we do not make an ethical choice not to harm nature right now. We already risk the lives of millions of people living in developing countries (Indonesia, for example), and it should not be admissible. Besides, if we do not start changing our lives right now, that risk can infringe the existence of developed societies in the future too. Actually, everybody must be interested in these ecological changes, because all of us are children of Mother Nature so far. That is why the speech by Pavan Sukhdev is one of the topical ones.

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