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Fat Versus Fit

A physical shape of a human being is an important matter of discussions due to the fact that the new data is constantly being discovered on the basis of the increasing number of research on the topic. An issue of being fit and fat is the subject of consideration of several studies related to physical health. The current paper canvasses the controversy based on different opinions which illustrate the connection between the notions of fit and fat. The analyzed empirical data suggests that being fit is better than being fat. However, the latter does not completely exclude the former.

According to the article in the textbook, the critical controversy under consideration is focused on the idea of the relation between fit and fat and the physical health. This concept partly finds its realization in the body weight. There is a scientific approach, by which one may use common measures known as a body mass index in order to verify their weight and to see whether one is fit or fat. These measures are employed to identify individuals with extra weight and to define whether their weight can be referred to as unhealthy. Generally, this may imply that a body mass index defines the risk factors. Therefore, healthy people should necessarily be in the right column entitled ‘Fit’. In fact, some researchers who studied unfit people came to the conclusion that unfit lean people have a bigger risk of mortality than the individuals who are relatively fit but may have some extra weight; at the same time, neither fit nor fat people are protected from illness. This controversy find its particularization in the accepted idea that lean people tend to be healthier than fat people. However, this assumption overlooks the exception of bad habits which should be taken into account.

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The article under consideration is called “Obesity, fitness, and brain integrity in adolescence” and presents the results of experiments and observations conducted by a group of scientist that bring the extensions to the discussed notion. Naima Ross, Po Lai Yau, and Antonio Convit illustrate a wider perspective on the matter. The relationship between health, weight and fitness is explored. Besides, the authors of the article discuss the connection between physical health and the state of well-being in general. On the whole, the article supports the idea that fit is healthier than fat.

In is necessary to emphasize, that one should not aim to be fit and lose extra weight for a good picture solely. Yet, it is crucially important to maintain normal weight because of its effects on both physical and mental health. The empirical research supports the idea of active lifestyle and exercises necessity in order to stay fit and be healthy physically and mentally. For this reason, one of the main counterpoints suggests that an unfit people can live longer provided that they have an active life style. If one had to choose between fit and fat, they had better work on fitting by the means of active fitness which will certainly ensure the positive results. It should be kept in mind that obesity is by no means a sentence and, therefore, this issue can be eliminated or at least diminished through the agency of proper methods (Ross & Yau & Convit, 2015, p. 49).

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The method of active fitness is recommended by scientists due to the fact that gains in aerobic fitness are known to improve weight status, blood pressure, and cholesterol profiles in adolescents, whereas low cardiovascular fitness is associated with the development of cardiovascular disease later in life (Ross & Yau & Convit, 2015, p. 44). If one had to work on a health goal, it is better to approach the matter from the side of efficiency. One should not search an easy way, but concentrate on getting healthier. If a question regarding losing weight and becoming fitter arises, one should use the method of hard work in any case. Thus, the controversy is resolved with activity and exercises, and it may be inferred that one should choose fitness in order to be fit.

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It will not be redundant to emphasize the importance of being fit once again. In most cases, fat people are not considered to be fit. Contrary, lean people are more often fit, and are referred to as those not possessing potential risk factors. This means that their weights are not likely to cause any side effects, for example, problems with heart.Most importantly, it is recommended to control weight due to its ability to cause different body illnesses and to lower life expectancy rate.

However, fat unfit people may be in relatively better shape than lean fit people. This can be proven on the example of fit people who have bad habits. For an instance, smoking, drinking, and a drug usage negates the advantages of being fit. If a fat individual exercises, they might actually be much healthier and live longer. This suggests, that plain numbers in the fitting category are not valid if they are not supported by a healthy style of life.

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In conclusion, we may infer that the discussed critical controversy fat versus fit is established on the basis of the idea of a healthy life. It is believed that fit is better than fat, as the former have stronger health than the latter. There is also the information stating that fat people and unfit people be healthier, if they do not have bad habits, and exercise regularly. Due to the effects of active fitness, they become physically and mentally stronger and are less likely to become ill. The main statement regarding the notions of fit and fat is realized in the need to work hard physically in order to be fit and healthy.

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